Abdominal Electricity

(Phage - PT140) Used CD $10.00

Another cut up masterpiece by this influential harsh noise artist. Sixty minutes, four tracks of quickly moving screech, sure to please any fan of 90s style Japanese noise. Edition of 500. Sealed

ES / K2


(Musik Atlach - MA015) CD $16.50

On this unique and unexpected collaboration by the mad doctor Kimihide Kusafuka and the piano-and-sax duo Takayuki Hashimoto and Sara, mineral-like noise coalescences around improv pulsations. Chimeras and human machinery, organic and inorganic matter fuse, and sudden strange creatures made of space probes and skin induce panic with their harsh, dystopic sound.


Compressed Happiness

(Phage - PT201) CD $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

Mad science junk noise by pathologist-by-day Kimihide Kusafuka collaborating with the famed multi-instrumentalist for heavy over-modulation and cut-ups. “Cold Pastoral,” the more lyrical of the two tracks here, is Ms. Ishibashi on synthesizers and raw sound materials by K2, while “Sweet Paranoia’s Heaven Version 3” is K2 on acoustic piano, e-violin, junk electronics, MTR, and raw sound materials by Ishibashi.


In The Monotonous Flowers

(Groundfault) Used CD $3.00

Spacious and concrete-ish industrial from 2002.


K2 / Constrain / Fenian

(Oxen - OXEN016) CD $10.50 (Out-of-stock)

One solo track by each artist, plus a fourth three-way collaboration. The fluid and propulsive “Sarrogate For Mass Murder” is impossible to mistake for any artist but K2, with its shuddering-soaked layers of frenzy. Constrain delivers blasts of harsh electronics and static assault textures on “Recognizable Mask.” Electronics meet glass smash on Fenian’s “Phenomenology,” where unrepentant harsh noise careens across multiple lanes of blacktop. The brain-bending collaboration track “Spreading Particles Go Smokey” overflows with petulant dissonance and repeated lightning strikes of shuddering rubble blasts. A pristine surge assault of cut-up harsh noise protocol.


Metal Dysplasia

(Cheeses International) Used CD $35.00

“Big heaps of crunching, acoustic and electronic tape collage” from 1996



(Kinky Musik Institute) Used CD $40.00

Debut release of cut-ups of junk noise from 1994. Numbered edition of 300


Molekular Terrorism

(Pure) Used CD $12.00

This “electroacoustic noise college,” promises Rate Your Music, is “a step above … average…, without a doubt.” KFJC is even more effusive, referring to this 1996 discs as a “necropolis that never sleeps and never shuts the fuck up, blowing hot farts of scrap metal out of its torn asshole at all of hours of the night. The hammering shrapnel destroys transients and stray animals like insects, splattering blood and offal across the irretrievably filthy pavement.”


MSBR / K2 / Magmax

(MSBR) Used CD $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Live Grappling Electronics” and “Eco Eco Magma Azarak” by Koji Tano, “California Dry Socket” and “Soap For Wet Vagina 2” by Kusafuka Kimihide. Packaged in a clear slim-line jewel-case without any artwork. From 1999


Sissy Spacek / K2

(Helicopter - H66) CD $10.50 (Out-of-stock)

An hour of face-melting noise from John Wiese, Charlie Mumma, and Kimihide Kusafuka.


The Rust

(Kinky Musik Institute) Used CD $30.00

“An utterly crushing masterpiece of metal junk cut-ups” from 1996. “Nothing to hang on to, just pure tonal punishment, decimated rhythms, and non-linear arrangements and rejection of any convention beyond pure concrete cacophony.”