Australian Sunshine Madness

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Tour disc from 1998, containing deep harsh noise, including rhythmic material by Koji Tano, while Magmax vocalist Yasushi Tahara mixes harsh noise with killer screaming. Edition of 100



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“Despite the mix of genres due to the different sound approaches of the guest artists (three tracks with Daniel Menche, two with Crawl Unit, one with Basic Noise), the seven long pieces on this 1997 opus are homogeneous and coherent. Apart from the fourth track, which incorporates cut-up sounds from raw exterior recordings, the ‘symphonic noise” evolves in slow movements [until] the massive sound texture pleasantly stuns you.”


Destructive Locomotion, Dedicated to Chizuo Matsumoto

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Koji Tano’s gift to the blind leader of homicidal religious cult Aum Shinrikyo, admired by one articulate discogs birther because “churning, high-energy bass swirls and explosions mix with thick foghorn feedback shrills and assorted skree in an epic composition intent on building a black hole between your ears to suck away your brain.” Original edition of 500 from 1995


Live Electronics At End Of Europa Tokyo Nov. 2000

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Tour disc with forty-two minutes by Koji Tano, ten by FT. Edition of 100


MSBR / K2 / Magmax

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“Live Grappling Electronics” and “Eco Eco Magma Azarak” by Koji Tano, “California Dry Socket” and “Soap For Wet Vagina 2” by Kusafuka Kimihide. Packaged in a clear slim-line jewel-case without any artwork. From 1999


Ultimate Ambience 2

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An hour-plus of “Spherical Electronics,” plus Final Harsh Work #16, recorded live in Chicago in February 1999. “The first chaotic spherical rumination opens with a looping skree shard,” reports Brainwashed, “Which soon fractures into feedback squeals and some low messy quakes. A stuttering synth-y keyboard seems to be rapidly losing its tuning as occasional shadows of lost keys flicker between the bright gulfs of distortion. MSBR … tweak[s] endless vortices of well defined entropy from his gadgets, and the noise shifts constantly and eddies endlessly, headlessly and leglessly. Patterns emerge but are quickly blown apart; MSBR kisses the noise as it flies.”