The Exquisite Fucking Beauty Of Crawlspace

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“Recorded live to radio with the group again tripping hard,” reports Chris Sienko in Vulcher, this 1995 album “comes on like a Hell’s Angels band cranked on teeth-grinding blotter acid and pills. It’s nasty and buzzy and anti-social but has an eerie instrumental mind-meld even by Crawlspace standards. The side-long improv, ‘The Exquisite Fucking Beauty of the Murderous Matador Impaled by the Righteous Bull,’ is clearly an in-studio jam, but nothing we’ve heard to this point prepares us for just how in-sync each member is with the others, dipping and twisting and turning through all sorts of slippery permutations…. Side B’s ‘Slippy Slowdown Town’ is a doomy plod, heavy and gritty, Eddie Flowers in full rock-mumble mode…. An even heavier ‘Lake Daddy Jim’ closes, with the band blaring, all fuzz cranked to maximum.”


This Is Not A Dream

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Jay Hinman said it best in Superdope: “The Dead C. blares and scrapes, the Terminals twist and wind, but Dadamah positively shimmers with a beautifully earthy, lo-fi Velvets / Ubu sound.” Peter Stapleton, Roy Montgomery, Kim Pieters, Janine Stagg. First pressing from 1992


Immortal Gods

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1998 reissue of the debut album (Pan Records 1982) by one of the key fixtures in the Phoenix, Arizona, scene of the early ’80s. This high-water mark from within the exotic, cult, folk, beat, punk, and outsider rock musical canon was recorded with Sun City Girls’ Alan Bishop and Charles Gocher; Dan and Mary Clark (of The Feederz and Victory Acres); Paris 1942’s Jesse Srgoncik; and Brandon and Audrey Curtis. A better backing band for realizing a hot tango with Detroit’s African / voodoo / Hitchcock vision can’t be imagined. Sealed



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Finland-based Japanese expats hybridize Avarus, Maniacs Dream, and Acid Mothers Temple in a lysergic, improvised rock slurry that’ll make your ears ring.

PARIS 1942

Paris 1942

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Recorded in Phoenix in 1983, released in 1997, these killer garage jams start off VU-styled and get darker and stonier from there, as required by their cover of Syd Barrett's "Long Gone." The band is Moe Tucker (drums), Allan Bishop (bass, vocals), Bennie Baresi (guitar), Jesse Akkari (guitar), David Oliphant (guitar) and Rick Bishop as well, possibly.


Valentines From Matahari

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One of their most inspired releases in the classic three-piece rock band mode. All angular and off-kilter, their eighth album finds them as their shattering psyche-hellic, Eastern-influenced, extraterrestrial best. Forcefully played, hard pushed and intricately telepathized musical advance scouting.


Silver Pillows

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Less rock and more noise than Skullflower, this 1995 ten-inch by Matthew Bower is a dense, squalling barrage of guitar and cheap organ, building a wall of sound that draws on the guitar psychedelia of ’60s Deadhead jamming and industrial-strength minimalism. Lush feedback ambience beneath the debris of exploding speakers and overworked effects pedals recalls The Dead C and Keiji Haino. Handmade sleeve with rubberstamped text, gold paint, photograph. Hand-numbered edition of of 275. Sealed.


Beyond The Rim

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“A wall of noise … that draws on … guitar psychedelia … and [the] industrial abrasion of minimalism…,” says All Music Guide about this 1993 masterwork, with “lush-sounding feedback orchestrations…, blissful tone drift…, [and g]uitar terrorism.”


Here, Time Is Space

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“Feedback and fuzz collaged to orchestral proportions” from 1994, observes All Music Guide, “falling somewhere between the psychedelic rock of the Tokyo underground … and industrial dronescapes.”


Clear Factory

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An incredibly abrasive, drone-y ball of sludge from 1996



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An ambitious collaboration from 1996, one of the duo's finest, exploring abstraction, the scary darkness of industrialized ambiance, and elusive spiritual vibes. They get there via otherworldly drones, tinkling floatation, sidereal hisses, hellish moans, cryptic tides, flashing metallic clangor, and organ-like drone.