Black Crow Gazebo

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Eight songs of twisted folk, satanic Americana, and trance voodoo magic. This adventure among the deranged psychosis of the Phoenix characters who inhabit Detroit’s world includes multiple-personality girlfriends, twisted and rogue hangers-on, and street musicians doing what they must to survive Arizona’s infernal summer heat. The side-long “Toe Sucker Beach” is a deep, trance-inducing descent into Dante’s Inferno that features Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls) on vocals, Doug Clark (Victory Acres, Feederz) on synthesizer, and Detroit on bongos—overlaid with a recording of Detroit waxing on about his extraordinary life. Edition of 400.


Immortal Gods

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1998 reissue of the debut album (Pan Records 1982) by one of the key fixtures in the Phoenix, Arizona, scene of the early ’80s. This high-water mark from within the exotic, cult, folk, beat, punk, and outsider rock musical canon was recorded with Sun City Girls’ Alan Bishop and Charles Gocher; Dan and Mary Clark (of The Feederz and Victory Acres); Paris 1942’s Jesse Srgoncik; and Brandon and Audrey Curtis. A better backing band for realizing a hot tango with Detroit’s African / voodoo / Hitchcock vision can’t be imagined. Sealed