The Exquisite Fucking Beauty Of Crawlspace

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“Recorded live to radio with the group again tripping hard,” reports Chris Sienko in Vulcher, this 1995 album “comes on like a Hell’s Angels band cranked on teeth-grinding blotter acid and pills. It’s nasty and buzzy and anti-social but has an eerie instrumental mind-meld even by Crawlspace standards. The side-long improv, ‘The Exquisite Fucking Beauty of the Murderous Matador Impaled by the Righteous Bull,’ is clearly an in-studio jam, but nothing we’ve heard to this point prepares us for just how in-sync each member is with the others, dipping and twisting and turning through all sorts of slippery permutations…. Side B’s ‘Slippy Slowdown Town’ is a doomy plod, heavy and gritty, Eddie Flowers in full rock-mumble mode…. An even heavier ‘Lake Daddy Jim’ closes, with the band blaring, all fuzz cranked to maximum.”