To Your Fucking Feather’d Wings

(Gold Soundz) Used CDR $4.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Great, epic, slow-burning, surreal drone rock,” swears Head Heritage. “One of Phil Todd’s best.”



(Gold Soundz - GS31) split 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Gastric Female Reflex transmits songs through the cackle of thirty-meter Bronze Age jump ropes, and then swats them with unspooled tape from faulty tape recorders. On the flipside, deepwoods Maine-based Crank Sturgeon takes a similar story and runs it into the side of a convent full of shark-eating nuns, who respond with high-powered leaf blowers, stopping now and again to play a little violin and pee in their Dixie Cups. Not your typical avant electro-acoustic record, but still glorious, spacious, snakey, and primitive.


Lovers in the Midst of Eating Fries

(Gold Soundz - GS45) LP $20.00

Expertly executed and fried garage-art-noise/junk by Torontosaurs who're somewhere between American Tapes and classic mid-nineties NZ underground with plenty of Crank Sturgeon / Euro-actionist noise humor. Hand screened and marble-ized card cover.


Live in Japan

(Gold Soundz) CD $9.00

(Gold Soundz) Used CD $5.00

This document of the NYC trio’s 2002 J-jaunt is heavier on electronics than usual (no bass or guitar this time), and explodes with crunch, crackle, and sizzle. It’s some of Monotract’s most inorganic music, robust and unintelligible. Roger Rimada, Nancy Garcia, and Carlos Giffoni’s crowded mix has room for a rhythmic base, but the beats are just another conflicting voice within many. Packaged inside origami-style card foldout, silkscreened in eyeball-searing pink, designed by Jelle Crama.


Monomania Of Instinct

(Gold Soundz) Used CD $7.00

“A frightening miasma of non-musical elements” is how Foxy Digitalis describes the DNA of the single “thoroughly indigestible and stomach-churning” track from 1998 by Geert Feytons and associates, “a succession of shrieks, shouts and screamed words appear[ing] and disappear[ing] as clouds of rampant drones, electronic and concrete sounds make … surreptitious appearances….” It was created live at the M.S. Stubnitz-Stockholm, using a self-developed interaction between live music on sound-sculptures, video images and performance. Packaged in a gatefold card slipcase.


Noise Is All In Your Head

(Gold Soundz - GS1) CD $15.00

A Norway-centric comp of surprisingly cohesive free sound, with Thurston Moore, Noxagt, Oren Ambarchi, Volcano The Bear, Neil Campbell (Vibracathedral Orchestra), Dylan Nyoukis (Prick Decay/Decaer Pinga, Chocolate Monk), Lasse Marhaug, Rats With Wings, Songs of Norway (Aaron and Nick from Volcano the Bear), Continental Fruit, Ojn (ex-Landshipping/Metrotone), Sindre Bjerga/Anders Gjerde, The Wife Contract, If You Meet Your Anti-Self Don’t Shake Hands (Neil Mackay of LOOP, Hair & Skin Trading Co., Juicy Eureka), Julian Bradley/A Companion as Glamourous as Sleeping, Duo Kanel, and DJ Bra Nesegir.



(Gold Soundz - GS#18) 7-inch $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

Heady drone-based hypnosis from 2004, recorded live. Self-assured, textural, mind-altering. Edition of 420


Tunnels And Wheels

(Gold Soundz - GS#13) 7-inch $10.00

Two chunks of tripped-out, abstract psych from 2004 with chanting, horns, scraping and drones combining. Head-melting. Edition of 310