Destination: Poon

(Beniffer Editions - BFF6066) split LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

High spasticity by two of Canada's national treasures. The mad dog of guitar Brian Ruryk's "Alliances for Debris" is twenty-odd minutes of glass and metal connecting with hard surfaces at fast speeds, chopped up and re-spliced into microscopic fragments. A frenzy that should drop the jaw of even the know-it-alls. On "Nairobi Pieces 13-26" Gastric Female Reflex uses longer samples drawn from decaying radios and televisions, in-between-song recording outtakes, prayer tapes, random clicks, crackles and cuts, ambient bass rumbles, Tim Allen, and sound effects. According to Discogs, this was released in 2006 with different artwork and no title (some of the photocopy inserts are the same); all copies here have new silkscreened prints (not the same as what is shown at Discogs, but similar to others in our copies, and in different combinations). No two copies are alike, basically. It's a mess, granted, but confusion comes with the territory of landmark releases. Just accept it.


Lovers in the Midst of Eating Fries

(Gold Soundz - GS45) LP $20.00

Expertly executed and fried garage-art-noise/junk by Torontosaurs who're somewhere between American Tapes and classic mid-nineties NZ underground with plenty of Crank Sturgeon / Euro-actionist noise humor. Hand screened and marble-ized card cover.


Plays The Music of Alan Antfarm

(Lips Infection - LIP05) 7-inch $10.00

Hup, Bup, and Bup Zukerman take a hurl at two of this Riverside mid-'90s alt rock combo's power ballads, "Raw Puppy Pant Lick Show" and "Don't Moan When Behind The Chocolate Apparatus." Get it for the silkscreened jacket, keep it for the mental instability.



(Gold Soundz - GS31) split 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Gastric Female Reflex transmits songs through the cackle of thirty-meter Bronze Age jump ropes, and then swats them with unspooled tape from faulty tape recorders. On the flipside, deepwoods Maine-based Crank Sturgeon takes a similar story and runs it into the side of a convent full of shark-eating nuns, who respond with high-powered leaf blowers, stopping now and again to play a little violin and pee in their Dixie Cups. Not your typical avant electro-acoustic record, but still glorious, spacious, snakey, and primitive.