Dabbling With Gravity And Who You Are

(VHF) Used CD $5.00

Assembled from recordings of their weekly sessions in Michael Flower’s kitchen, the tracks here represent the joyous, celebratory side of the VCO — all forward motion, massed strings, percussion, horns, and little instruments rocketing in a swirl of sound, taking off from where the loose hippie-chant-and-drum action of collectives like Amon Düül intersects with the polygot instrumental approach of mid-’60s Sun Ra.



([ no label ]) Used CDR $10.00

Companion piece to Lino Hi, recorded around the same time, and including two live sections. Comes in beautiful sleeve hand-painted and -assembled by Bridget Hayden.


Hot Booty

([ no label ]) Used CDR $12.00

Excellent dense drones from 1999, complete with pipe organ, recorded in a squatted church in Leeds. Clear plastic insert inside standard jewel box


Infinite Light / Vibracathedral Orchestra

(Krayon Recordings - KR013) split 7-inch $8.25

VCO drops straight into a heads-down, fully tranced narco-dust trail, with guitar-born fireflies leading the way through a never-changing backdrop heat haze of low-lying smoke-mist and earth-veined throb. Tweets and rattlesnake percussion join mystic keyboard spirits blowing in a weightless drift. The first cut from Infinite Light is a section lifted from a show featuring Barry Dean on guitar, Mick Flower on guitar and organ and Pete Nolan jamming the traps, and its a full, free-rock, psych-out captured through a heavy veil of no-fi smog. Part two wraps solo harmonic guitar vignettes around a falsetto vocal cadence fluctuating at the point of saturation.


Lino Ho

(Giardia) Used CD $7.00

“Possibly the perfect CD for anyone who wishes the intro to ‘Venus In Furs’ could last a lifetime,” according to Perfect Sound Forever. “ ‘Can I Put My Thumb In Your Pudding Please?’ sounds like the Art Ensemble of Chicago warming up for a bike race, but after that... wow! You’re thrown into a world where John Cale, Angus Maclise, pre-dipshit Sonic Boom, Elanora Romana, Terry Riley, The Seventh Sons, etc., all meet and climb a beanpole to the stars.”


Long Live The Weeds

([ no label ]) Used CDR $7.00

Three rough-hewn chunks from 1999 and 2000, all recorded in front of actual members of the public at notable Leeds drinking establishments. Each track sees VCO augmented by additional members, including Sticky Foster, Matthew Bower, John Godbert, John Clyde-Evans and Ross Parfitt.


Music For Red Breath

([ no label ]) Used CDR $8.00

Soundtrack for a film by NYC filmmaker Justin Allen, available at merch tables and via mailorder-only. Clear plastic front insert and metallic traycard in jewelbox


My Gate’s Open Tremble by My Side

(Lexicon Devil) Used CD $5.00

2004 reissue of their scorchful masterpiece released in LP by Roaratorio in 1999, here with three bonus tracks from the same sessions. Monolithic sheets of organic, repetitive drones that arch into quieter, more subtle territory, rhythms and grooves.


Pontiac Lady

(VHF) Used 3xCDR $12.00

2003 tour document with live recordings from WMBR (Cambridge MA), Ecstatic Yod / New Grass (Florence, MA), Free 103 (Brooklyn NY), Orbits (Fredericksburg, VA), Carhole (Belchertown, MA), and Khyber Pass (Philadelphia PA). Edition of 300


Ragged + Right

([ no label ]) Used CDR $15.00

Four tracks, self-released on the occasion of a live performance at the Holy Trinity Church, Leeds, in 2004. Cover is paint and photo on cardboard. Edition of 60


The Queen Of Guess

(VHF) Used CD $6.00

Immense, visceral, rackety, upbeat and percussive, the nine tracks here run through a wide range of styles. “The Slient Socket” has a gamelan-like five-note melody overlaid with a hovering drone. “Magnetic Burn” is the band at its most rock, with “Sister Ray”-style guitar careening along side actual drums. The two twenty-minute epics that bookend the record are a study in contrasts: “Ramshackle Sunrise” has the heavy and excited buzz of the group’s frequent and unpredictable live shows, while the closing “Goodnight Stars Goodnight Air” is a gentler acoustic epilogue, gliding into the rosy future.


Tuning To The Rooster

(Important) Used CD $6.00

The first record by VCO using a 24-track mixing board “is music as a shamanic aid, made as much for the players themselves as for the listeners,” asserts Julian Cope. “The twelve-and-a-half minute ‘Wearing Clothes of Ash’ is like a piano-led Paradieswarts-period drone-a-thon with John Cale and Terry Riley guesting on viola and keys. Following this, the sublime ‘Baptism Bar Blues’ is proof positive that they can rock the riot house with pure adrenaline rush.”



(Gold Soundz - GS#18) 7-inch $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

Heady drone-based hypnosis from 2004, recorded live. Self-assured, textural, mind-altering. Edition of 420


Versatile Arab Chord Chart

(VHF) Used CD $8.00

Led by Neil Campbell’s sawing violin, tracks like “Wearing Quid Frock” and the epic “Japan Banjo” build up arcs of lingering overtones beneath an undercurrent of melody. They cut the drones with extremely effective bursts of near rock, in a style reminiscent of the Velvet Underground, circa 1966. The band’s combination of clattering percussion, droning strings, and considerable sense of where to put the “groove” on tracks like “Catching Loners With Blank Arms” makes them unique among their peers. Sealed


Wings Over America

(VHF) Used Split CD $8.00

Eight tracks by Sunroof, a mix of archetypical drone and shimmer, and wild, jarring sampler-analog-bloop-driven action. VCO weigh in with an eclectic mix, including the delicate “Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom,” a clip from a gig at the Royal Festival Hall, and Bridget Hayden blowing up a storm on the flute. Released in 2003 in conjuction with first-ever US tour both groups. Chipboard jacket.


Wisdom Thunderbolt

(VHF) Used CD $5.00

A rocking dispatch neatly combining the Ra-like collage of the title track with the insistent jams of the pulsing “A Natural Fact” and “Order of the Broad Eraser.” More old-school VCO thick blanket of sound are “Ochre Dust” and “Rainbow Whirlwind,” tuned-percussion melody peeking out from the fog. Music by Mick Flower, Bridget Hayden, Neil Campbell, and Adam Davenport. Guest appearances by Chris Corsano, Pete Nolan, John Godbert, and Matthew Bower.