Ana / Kata

(Beta Lactam Ring) Used 10-inch $10.00

Two long tracks from 2002 that trade in the currency of stratosphere, sounding like distant decayed echoes of supernovas. “Ana” rings out with phased vocals that dance within quartertones of each other, an extended intro to spacious guitar double helixes swimming through plasma. On the flip, “Kata” resembles lost soundtrack material to a Maya Deren film. Numbered edition of 500



(Eclipse) Used 2xLP $15.00

Tom and Christina Carter’s four side-long excavations of the auditory plane from 2001, defined by interweaving threads of lap steel and chord organ, swept by intermittent currents of breath-born voice and serene modalities cycled upward into towering microtonal dissonance, and then flung down into corners of dark intimacy. Sealed


Internal Eternal

(Wholly Other) Used CD $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Subtle psychedelia imbued with reverberating guitar echoes and luscious drones, recorded on Christmas Eve 1995,” explains Brainwashed. “Faint voices can be heard in the background…, and subtle atmospherics lend to the album a haunting, hollow quality. What is new, however, is the Arabic feel…, as if you are standing in a deserted casbah, only to hear the music of the desert and the departed wash in over the distant dunes.”


Joy Shapes

(Kranky) Used 2xLP $15.00

Five extended tracks that atomize and absorb blues, psychedelia, gospel, improv, folk, and more by Tom Carter (electric guitar, lap steel guitar, acoustic guitar, chimes, wind wand), Christina Carter (electric guitar, voice, bells), and Heather Leigh Murray (pedal steel guitar, psaltery, voice).


Market Square

(Siltbreeze) Used 2xLP $40.00

This lumbering beast from 1995 begins with a harrowing message left on the Carters’ answering machine from a guy threatening to kill himself if someone didn’t pick up the phone. There are some gentle moments here too, but overall it’s an emotionally draining, uneasy, and frightening ninety.


Our Bed Is Green

(Time Lag) Used 2xLP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Originally released on cassette in 1992 and later reissued on CD by Wholly Other label, Charalambides’ debut roped folk, improvisation, psychedelia, blues and gospel into a crackling sound world unlike any other.


Rose / Thong

(Klang Industries) Used LP $8.00

A stark, unsettling and beautiful slice of invocation / incantation, recorded in 2000, featuring extraordinary chord organ and vocals from Christina Carter, and signature lap steel mastery from Tom Carter. Horizontally serene and horizonless.


Songs From The Entopic Garden Volume Two

(Time Lag) Used LP $22.00

Ben Chasny’s stunning “Resurrection,” backed with the Carters’ and the Murray’s trance-y, blissful “Second Rehearsal.” A real psychedelic phenomena from 2001. 180gm vinyl, letter-pressed jacket, insert. Numbered edition of 800.


Three-Lane Blacktop

(Two-Lane Blacktop) Used LP $9.00

One side from the Cooler, NYC, at the 1995 CMJ fest (with swirling vox sound courtesy Kurt Wolf), backed with the 1994 Siltbreeze Festival set at the Khyber Pass in Philly. All live freak-rock tracks from Market Square and Strangle The Wretched Heavens, heavy on analog atmosphere and ecstatic, blown-out gtr-vox interconnectivity. Stickered cover, insert. Edition of 500