Wind Machines

(Free Porcupine Society) Used CD $15.00

(Free Porcupine Society) Used LP $15.00

Rob Fisk would loathe having the ten tracks from 2004 described as “super-psychedelic, no wave, beard-core, folk explosion.”
CD includes 16pp book of drawings by Fisk and Jeff Nerkumm. CD is sealed
LP is sealed.


Beats For The Beast

(Free Porcupine Society) Used Split CD $5.00

All three members of Charalambides take a moment in 2004 to pursue passionate, simple beauty. The title track by Tom Carter is a “30-minute psychedelic dustbowl of slide guitar meanderings…, lush and impressive…,” explains Tiny Mix Tapes. Christina Carter and Heather Leigh Murray add textures and “touches of vocals to their mind-expanding cuatro.” Packaged in a silk-screened tri-fold sleeve with handmade obi.


Milk Man

(Kill Rock Stars) Used CD $5.00

(Free Porcupine Society) Used LP $50.00

Behold the harnessing of maniacal energy, forged into seriously dense and carefully considered songwriting. Cleaner and deep production reveals Deerhoof’s commitment to letting the songs speak for themselves. Greg Saunier’s drumming is quite restrained, Chris Cohen and John Dieterich concern themselves with static harmonies and miasmatic outbursts, and Satomi Matsuzaki delivers remarkably complex vocal melodies.
CD is sealed.
LP is first pressing from 2004. Sealed