False Positives

(Hand-Held Recordings - HHR02) CD + DVDr $11.50

Dark and brooding or mellifluously uplifting (take your pick), the third full-length album from Hiroshima-based, ex-pat Scotsman Paul Thomsen Kirk carries on from Unconfirmed Reports the recurrent, underlying theme of urban and cultural alienation in a media-saturated Japanese metropolitan environment. Whether skimming the surface or trawling the dank underbelly, Kirk examines the daily minutiae of life in a large, concrete-and-glass-and-steel Japanese city, in all its garish hues and faded glories. Accessing all areas, and dispelling some Japanese urban myths along the way, False Positives is a thoroughly enticing, mesmeric, 360-degree adventure. Limited edition DVDr contains six videos.


Unconfirmed Reports

(Hand-Held Recordings - HHR001) CD + DVDr $12.00

The second full-length release from Hiroshima-based Scots musician, filmmaker, and photographer Paul Kirk (ex-Twisted Nerve, ex-Bigshot) is an in-depth, electronic-based, audio/visual travelogue of late autumn through to early spring. Dark, brooding, occasionally menacing, deeply seductive, Unconfirmed Reports carries on the urban alienation and social exclusion first heard on Akatombo’s Trace Elements, released by Colin Newman’s Swim label. By skimming the surface and trawling the dank underbelly, Kirk presents the daily minutiae of life in a large Japanese city in all its garish hues and faded glories. Mix engineered by Makoto Kubota (Les Rallizes Denudes). The DVDr contains three films with music from the album. Hand-numbered edition in oversized printed envelope, containing two photographic art-prints, two random newspaper cuttings.


Love Is Simple

(Young God) Used CD + DVD $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

Chaos, rock action, tribal bongo-banging, sentimental sing-alongs and pop gems galore. From 2007. Sealed


A Hard Day’s Night

(Miramax) Used 2xDVD $5.00

The Richard Lester film plus about an hour of bonus material.



(Parkwood) Used CD + DVD $11.00

Soulful R&B with an electro edge by this up-and-coming singer who sang on a string of regional hits by obscure girl-group Destiny’s Child and collaborates on occasion with Andy Samberg. Sealed


Cemetary Archive Works

(Von Archives - VON009) DVD $13.00

SALE PRICE. Research for a future film about a cemetery of elephants, part of which experiments with archive film material as visual and sound matter. Based on classic adventure films, documentaries, Lost World literature adaptations and exotic adventure films from the golden period of adventure film. An overwhelming experiment with the audiovisual matter. Edition of 500



(Von Archives - VON000) DVD $8.00

SALE PRICE. Conceived as a Von Archives manifesto, this audiovisual experiment takes the shape of an installation and live media event, as well as a limited edition video work. The image and sound is a superimposition of source material selected and overlaid by the artists in order to produce ghostly images and, to quote some of the first viewers of the piece, an “hypnotic tantric metal experience.” Edition of 500.



(Von Archives - VON008) DVD $13.00

SALE PRICE. Field recordings from the northeastern extremity of Asia in the northern part of the Russian Far East, radio frequency scans, ambient landscapes. Apropos of one of the planet’s most desolate and extreme environments.


Wrack Light In Copper Ruin

(Seal Pool) CD + DVD $15.00

Jim Haynes and Loren Chasse collaborated with Keith Evans to create Coelacanth’s fourth and most complex record. Culled from two performances -- a five-hour recording session during Matmos’s 96 hours at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and an audio/visual performance with Keith Evans -- Wrack Light in Copper Ruin is more delicate than Coelacanth’s previous recordings, inhabiting a space where artists such as Jonathan Coleclough, Andrew Chalk, Mirror, and MNortham can be found, yet it maintains the mysterious, oceanic nature its name implies. Their sound illustrates a constant evolution of decay, encroachment, and repossession of the border space between the natural and the man-made.


The Tailing

(Von Archives - VON010) DVD $13.00

SALE PRICE. A microscopical audiovisual study on pornography by the legendary American sound artist who describes The Tailing thus: “Slow writhing in near-total darkness. Intertwining drones from a church organ. Movement and sound heavy, thick as oil. Erotic and forbidden.”


Complete First Season

(Warner Bros) 7xDVD $15.00

Teleportation, mind control, astral projection, invisibility, precognition, spontaneous combustion, reanimation: weird science meets a multi-agency task force investigating related acts of terrorism. Plot twists galore, family drama, interpersonal relationships, corporate evil, cop chases. Lenticular cover. Lots of exclusive bonus features, 17 hours total


RIP DVD 2004–2009

(Red Bootkeh) DVD $10.00

Video footage of drunken obnoxious hoedowns by the loveable one-footed freak known variously as Wreck and as Brainholes.


Dawn Of The Dead, The Rise Of The San Francisco Underground

(Prism Films) DVD $15.00

Archival footage and extensive interviews with band members, Rock Scully, Tom Constanten, Dennis McNally, David Gans and others, covering the first five years of the band’s history, up to 1970. 138 minutes. From 2012. Sealed


We Are Hardcore

(Black Operations) 6xCDR + DVDR $40.00 (Out-of-stock)

Expanded reissue of Superman Cha Cha’s 2005 collection of rare early Condome Cassex cassette releases, collaboration cassette with Kyoakukyojindan, rare compilation tracks and “Cock Action” video. With twenty A4 inserts (cassette artworks, rare early interviews, articles, pictures, etc. from Japanese magazines such as Fool’s Mate, P.O.W, Gekko-Luna).



(Helicopter - HEL 94091) DVD $13.50 (Out-of-stock)

Twenty-three classic live actions on DVD for the first time, with nine bonus documents and films by John Wiese. Hundred-sixty minutes total.


The Wide Weird World Of Henry Jacobs / The Fine Art Of Goofing Off

(Important) Used CD + DVD $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

The brilliantly sequenced CD cycles “through a kaleidoscopic array of sound bites that are alternately funny, charmingly nostalgic, bizarre, psychedelic and inexplicable,” notes Brainwashed. “From the odd verbal tennis of Jacobs and Ken Nordine … to a soft-spoken public radio DJ introducing … the ‘new sounds of musíque concrète,’ to the spooky psychedelic brain shivers of ‘Telephone Therapy,’ or the numerous excerpted bits of the wacky ‘Laughing String’ sketch, listeners unfamiliar with Jacobs’s work are in for a treat. Unlike [his] tape collage[s] from this period, Jacobs is unconcerned with formalism or overworking his sources too much…. [His] free-form approach [is] tuned toward less academic pursuits [with a] sensibility … informed by exotica and cartoon soundtracks, the radio landscape and early television…. [On] the TV programs on the included DVD, produced by Jacobs, animator Bob McClay and producer Chris Koch…, strange audio cues of various interviews and spoken-word bits set different primitive animations into motion, using a stream-of-consciousness editing style to meditate, albeit very abstractly, on the subject of leisure and leisurely activities. Stop-motion claymation, experimental film techniques, Terry Gilliam-style cutouts, subliminal image juxtapositions and psychedelic animations complement an eclectic soundtrack of music, jarring sound effects, and a series of narrators ruminating on leisure, delivering anecdotes and reading from funny ‘social engineering’ pamphlets. It’s undeniably reminiscent of early episodes of Sesame Street in its attempt to marry the surreal and psychedelic to family-friendly, educational programming.”


Twist of Fate

(Monotype - MONO035) CD + DVD $30.00

A provocative journey into the dark groove of endless night where possibility, mystery and mania entwine the listener in a deep cocoon of sound and voice. Processed acoustics, field recordings, found sounds, electronics, turntables, percussion, synth, organ, piano, inflatable balloons and knives by Petit; vocals, guitar and found sounds by Lunch. Six-page digipak, case, and thirty-two-page, full-color book. CAVEAT EMPTOR: THE DVD IS PAL FORMAT (not playable in all US DVD players).


The Night Before

(Pataphysique - DD012) CD + DVD $20.00

The sixth album of psychedelic tunes and silent improvisation by the former leader of Overhang Party and crew issues a warning about the perishing of modern civilization. With a NY-flavored homage to Tom Verlaine & Richard Hell’s “Memories of Fire,” and a cover of “Search & Destroy.”


The Complete Collector’s Edition

(Python Pictures) 21xDVD $150.00

Every episode from the show’s four-year run on the BBC, as well as four additional performances and rarities: Live At The Hollywood Bowl, Live At Aspen, Parrot Sketch Not Included, and Monty Python’s Fliegender Zirkus. Plus: a “Pythonism” glossary and an art gallery of Terry Gilliam’s animations


Fragments Suspended In Time

(Opax - OPX32A) LP + CDr + DVDr $27.00 (Out-of-stock)

(Opax - OPX32A) LP + CDr + DVDr Box $120.00 (Out-of-stock)

Recorded after the brothers Opalio spent a long period of self-imposed isolation in the Western Alps, far from everything but their own spirits. Side A ( the “alba” or “sunrise” side) overwhelms immediately with delicate grace, melodic texture, and Roberto's intimate, wordless vocalizations. Side B ( the “tramonto” or “sunset” side) increases the sweet, anti-gravitational sweet mood. One-time pressing of 250 copies on multicolor vinyl. Handmade, heavy cardboard jacket with paste-on silver artwork and 12-inch insert. A professionally duplicated CDr is included as a digital version of the album. The region-free DVDr (limited to 100 copies) contains a film by Roberto Opalio, inspired by the alba side.
The art box edition adds to the regular edition the following: original art work by Roberto Opalio on six-page hand-bound booklet, mounted on 12" panel, numbered and signed; hand-lettered LP labels; hand-crafted box, numbered, hand-stamped and signed. Edition of 20.


Silent Movie

(Hospital - HOS142) LP + DVD $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Documents the only known live performance (at No Fun Fest) of the alias of The New Blockaders. The DVD contains silent footage only and one must spin the vinyl simultaneously in order to hear the sound while witnessing this futile destruction. DVD also features additional commentary by G.X. Jupiter-Larsen of The Haters.


Message From The Dead

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD64) 2xLP + DVD $60.00 (Out-of-stock)

Unreleased demos, rehearsals, live and unreleased tracks by French cold wave / goth legends, founded in 1981 by Usher and Chelsea. In 1984 they formed the CPM label (which released an EP of so-called “psychoanalytic rock” called Psychic Altercation, and also developed a philosophy which centralized different activities of the group (photography and graphics, literature, video, dance, etc.). LP1: Frustration / Welcome to CPM / XMas 2 / Crazy (first recording ever) / Skandinavian Erotica (rehearsal) / Memories (rehearsal) / Glance for your eyes (Live April 30,1983) / Mental (outtake 1984 church and voice) / Belinda's dead friends (outtake 1988) / Power of Spirit (demo 1987) / Dead in the Bed (demo 1987) / Shiny (Venus in Furs) LP2: Forever Gone (1999) / Chinese Puzzle / Fly Away Song (demo) / Memory Train (rehearsal) / Obsession / The Cellar (unreleased 1990) / The Murder (unreleased 1990) / TV Domination (unreleased demo 1988) / Love Song / L'age D'or (rehearsal) DVD: Video Live at Atheneum 87 Immaculate / 1964 Shadows / Hell Night / Romance / T-Vision / Bitchy Boy / TV Friends / Died In The Bedroom / We Shall Win / Disconnected


Ambiguism (1983-87)

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD72) 4xLP + 7-inch + DVD $100.00

Between 1983 and 1987, this UK ambient group, formed in 1982 by Tim Horberry, Roger Horberry, Clare Elliott and Andrew Hulme, released two vinyl albums -- Scene in Mirage (A-Mission, 1984) and Into Dark Water (Final Image, 1987) -- and recorded numerous soundtracks, experimental projects and solo works. This retrospective document of the era tells the definitive story of the emergence and development of the group’s sound. Includes their first two albums with bonus tracks, two additional full-length LPs of unreleased material, and a seven-inch single of their first-ever recordings. The DVD features excepts from their Scenes in Mirage and Peripheral Vision videos. With large poster and detailed listening notes. More than fifty tracks, around half of which have never been released in any form.


The New Edge

(Family Vineyard) Used 5xCD + DVD $40.00

Includes the Strict, Brutality II: Balkana, Medication, Lugubrious, and Western Classics albums, plus the previously unreleased Godawful, a DVD of unprocessed and trance-like nature scenes shot by Dale Sophiea and accompanied by unreleased O-Type improvisations. The Bay Area group blends fields of ambient distillation and jagged, electroid rhythm fragments into sprawling narratives, composed in real time, evoking movie soundtracks, musique concrète, minimalism, and guitar psychedelia. Handmade box with wrap-around cover (ripped) and printed innercards


Live at UFO Club May 20, 2006

(Musik Atlach - MA001) DVD $16.50

Heavy, psychedelic, emotional rock'n'roll with loud guitar feedback, as only the Japanese can filter (come, on, you know the drill). Includes 40-minute bonus footage of Michel Henritzi (Dustbreeders) and Overhang Party' leader Rinji Fukuoka in a dual-guitar fluid-swap, with photographer / projectionist Kumiko Karino on visuals.



(Monotype) 6xCD + DVD + book $60.00 (Out-of-stock)

Long overdue retrospective and entirely appropriate veneration of “the abstract, surrealist, and occasionally terrifying organism” that is Ralf Wehowsky and company. Collected here are Kühe In 1/2 Trauer (Selektion 1984); tracks from Masse Mensch compilation (Selektion 1982); Distruct (Selektion 1984) plus bonus tracks “Schmutz-fugen,” and “Black, Black, Always Black”; Nichts Niemand Nirgends Nie (Selektion 1986) plus bonus track “Ephemeral March Of The Dead Monks”; Tionchor (Selektion 1987) plus bonus track “L’effiface et l’effet,” “Dorothy Malone with Glasses,” “Easter Anywhere,” and “Essenz”; Acrid Acme (Selektion 1989); Three Projects (RRRecords 1993) plus bonus Merzbow collaboration track “V4”; and, on the DVD, nine Captured Music films (studio footage and visual collages) plus “Luxus & Mehrwert,” “Improvisation Jan. 87,” “Les Honteuses Alles,” “Kühe in 1/2 Trauer,” created by Markus Caspers for an unrealized, posthumous video project. In other words: pulsing synths; crashing percussion; horror film piano passages; tense, uncomfortable moods; scattershot tape collages; mangled and mixed raw materials from Nurse With Wound, The Haters, Merzbow, Asmus Tietchens, The Halfer Trio, and Psychic TV, among many others; junk percussion fused with the sound of guitars being slowly pulled out of tune; horns and indiscernible reed instruments rising up amid the chaos; electronics, tape cut-ups, jackhammer edits and weird synthetic outbursts in collaboration with Achim Wollscheid’s Swimming Behavior Of The Human Infant; ghostly, raw walls of noise that ooze menace; overdriven rhythmic throb obscured by noise; cheap drum machine loops and erratic electronic outbursts; dredged and repurposed recordings from their 1981 punk incarnation; Merzbow collaborations; erratic percussive bits; slowly building and collapsing frameworks; abstract Dadaist material; skittering tape collages and subtle jazz elements. The forty-eight-page booklet includes texts by Dan Warburton and Howard Stelzer, archival photos, a discography, reproduced flyers and record reviews. Four postcards. Two buttons. Edition of 400.


Complete Works 80-83

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD73) 7xLP + DVD $150.00 (Out-of-stock)

Contains official and unreleased material by the godfathers of electronic body music, hard rhythmic electronics, and minimal synth. Includes: Gaining Momentum (Por Con 1981); Dining on the Fresh; (Por Con 1981); Private Illusions No. 1 (Por Con 1981); Private Illusions No. 2 (Por Con 1982); Video Soundtrack (Por Con 1982); Progress Report; With Mixed Emotion (In Phaze 1982); Surface and Be Seen (In Phaze 1982); I Staggered Mentally (In Phaze 1982); “A-Mag” and “Shot in the Belly” (Third Mind 1983); the highly sought-after Assault (For All and None 1986); obscure and unreleased tracks (including demos and alternate versions) from Portion Control’s archives; and compilation tracks. With 60-page book of memorabilia and photos from the era, a DVD with self-made videos from the V-Mag archive, all from 1981–83, and T-shirt. Edition of 600.


Barbaro (Ma Non Troppo)

(Ad Hoc) Used CD + DVD $20.00

Unbelievable musicianship on a wide variety of instruments from former Univers Zero dudes who play with such proggy intensity and complexity, pulsating between all-out mayhem and quiet pensive passages, it demands a commitment to focus and concentration. The DVD is just under three hours long and has segments from a 2007 RiO festival in France, a 2006 art rock festival in Portugal and archival videos. Sealed


Minecxio Emanations 1993-2018

(Pica Disk - PICA047) 6xCD + DVD + book $45.00 (Out-of-stock)

Since 1993, this Buenos Aires group, led by its Down’s syndrome drummer/vocalist and spiritual architect Miguel Tomasín has been a universe completely of its own. Booklet 1: Liner notes by Marc Masters, Lasse Marhaug, Oren Ambarchi, Sindre Bjerga, Sixto Fernando, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, C. Spencer Yeh, John Olson and others. Booklet 2: Photos, artwork, press clippings, quotes, flyers and posters (most have not been published before). Disc 1: Early recordings, some material from small edition cassettes, some previous unreleased. Disc 2: The never-released Vedeosmas Tecretre album, recorded 2001-2003. Disc 3: Selections from the 2001-2002 Jaz Ronco Jits sessions, previously available as very limited CDRs. Disc 4: Previously unreleased conceptual pieces, including performances at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, NASA in Houston, the Atomium in Brussels, outtakes from the 10,000 Chickens Symphony and from public street protests in Buenos Aires during the December 2001 crisis. Disc 5: The never-released Roniles Dasa Selebro album, recorded 2000-2001. Disc 6: Previously unreleased collaborations with Dr. Socolinsky, Pauline Oliveros, Nelson Gastaldi, Jazzy Mel and Acid Mothers Temple. DVD: A 90-minute collage of live performances and other videos that offer a rare portal to the world of Reynols. All discs come in individual printed wallets. Edition of 500.


First Four

(Helicopter - H 68) 2xCD + DVD $20.50 (Out-of-stock)

Their long out-of-print Sissy Spacek (Nuform 2001), Remote Whale Control (Gameboy 2003), Scissors (Misanthropic Agenda 2002), Devils Cone and Palm (Misanthropic Agenda 2006), plus the exclusive full-length Coast To Coast. The DVD contains live footage, exclusive videos and a tour documentary. Printed, hinged box.


Window Hammer

(Chondritic Sound - CH289) 7-inch + DVDr $7.50 (Out-of-stock)

Nine tracks of pure aggressive grindcore on one side, backed with a noisy piece of broken glass and atmospheric trash, by the Mumma / Ronnau / Wiese incarnation in sharp, blasting hardcore form. Guest backing vocals by Joe Preston. Stamped DVDr has the band performing this material on their last West coast tour -- twenty more minutes of bliss and gristle.


I Am Not Artist 1973-1988

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD70) 6xLP + DVD $125.00 (Out-of-stock)

This astonishing set compiles most of Smegma’s long out-of-print and impossible-to-find vinyl releases on the LAFMS, Trap, Dom and Selektion labels, and, of course, their own Pigface Records. The box includes their first three seven inches (Disco Diarrhea, Flashcards, and Pigface Chant), their LPs Pigs for Lepers and Glamour Girl 1941, and their Spontaneaous Sound 1973-82 2xCS. Smegma started collectively by Ju Suk Reet Meate, Cheese it Ritz, Chucko Fats, Dennis Duck, Amazon Bambi and Cheesebro, and continued to lure in a steady stream of avant / free / improv lunos for three-and-a-half decades to come. The least likely folk / primitive / avant band in Pasadena, California, survived Portland, Oregon’s punk rock revitalization and first meltdown, and are today a serious force in weird music. The DVD reissues the 10 Years Wasted videotape from 1983, Mike Lastra’s Smegma The First 10 Years, and two bonus performances from 1978 and 1980.



(CBS) Used 4xDVD $10.00

Fan collective series, in embossed slipcase, with visible shelf wear on corners and edges.



(CBS) Used 4xDVD $10.00

Fan collective series, in embossed slipcase, with visible shelf wear on corners and edges.


Ludo Is Fantastic

(Hypnagogic Films - HYPNO 011) DVD $13.25

Since the early 1960s, wildman Ludo Mich has actively operated on the fringes and the fringes of the fringes of the Antwerp underground art scene. He exists inside a world of his own creation where he has produced a significant body of work across multiple disciplines including visual art, holographic sculpture, Fluxus film, performance, avant garde science and philosophy. The core of his work is always the same: a need to stay pure to his own beliefs, regardless of the consequence. His family and friends know Ludo to be full of love and generosity. Devoted fans know him as a performer who continues to surprise and astonish. But despite 50-plus years of production, Ludo remains practically unknown outside Belgium. "It is his curse to be an outlaw, always," remarks his housemate Frank. Ludo has been banned from numerous bars and cafes in his hometown due to arousing raucous happenings and incidents of nudity. In 2014, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts threatened to sue him over a performance of his that allegedly incited the audience to mishandle works from the Academy’s collection. The police have been called to his home / studio on numerous occasions by neighbors complaining about his loud, barbarous, joyful laughter. Now in his 70s, Ludo’s work continues to gain integrity as he ignores conformity, financial gain and stays one step ahead of conventional and conservative art. Stewart’s mix of archival treasures, interviews with family and friends, and fly-on-the-wall footage immerses the viewer in the Mich Dimension. Seventy minutes in English and Flemish with English subtitles. Includes card for free download of the soundtrack.


Cathodic Works 1966-1976

(Von Archives - VON014) 2xDVD $16.00

SALE PRICE. Unreleased and classic documents from the NYC East Side scene by this Italian-American pioneer of video art and audiovisual experimentation. Includes “Black Video 1,” “Black Video 2,” “Black Spiral,” “Black Video 1 Pojections,” “Interview at The Black Gate Theater,” “Minus One,” “6673,” and “Clone.”Curated by Pia Bolognesi e Giulio Bursi. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2013


Coda Lunga

(Von Archives - 016) LP + DVD $30.00 (Out-of-stock)

Another trans-genre and cross-cultural experience by the French master, immerses himself into the sea of Indian traditions in Kerala, from Katakhali dance and music to field recordings. One of his most daring and extravagant releases, a fantastic journey that goes beyond India, through countries of the imagination.



(Pulled Out - PULL07) LP + DVD $22.50

Taking their name from Meat & Livestock Australia propaganda, the Melbourne-based duo of Ein and Aus transgress a spiritual reality in which grindcore is subverted toward a path of procratinat-obliteration. Forty-six cranium-fracturing songs featuring wailing Banshee vocals, a drum machine set to over 300bpm, and a possessed, 20th-Century shredder guitarist. On stage, the duo uses chainsaws, exploding corpses, and other visual devices that communicate their ideas about domestic violence and civil disobedience. UnAustralians truly represent the extremely brutal end of improvised music in Australia. “Quite possibly the most insane outsider-weirdo-grind-metal-what-the-fuck record we have ever heard,” marvels Aquarius, “Imagine a super lo-fi grindcore, cobbled together from blasting lightning-fast drum machines, shredding super tech lead guitars, super processed, almost mechanical riffs, and Melt Banana-like high pitched yelping vocals, all tossed in a blender and spat out at a million miles an hour. Only sometimes all you can hear are the vocals, or the drums disappear underneath an avalanche of guitars, or everything is so amped up it becomes a buzzy blur, topped with high pitched squeaks and yowls. Totally nuts.” Edition of 300 on clear red vinyl.


Club Moral 1981-1986

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD93) 5xLP + DVD $115.00 (Out-of-stock)

Selections from Club Moral’s Mit Neuen Waffen cassette (Club Moral 1983), To All Who Are Interested LP (Cthulhu 1989), and assorted compilation tracks; selections from DDV’s A Sound Atlas of Venerology LP (Club Moral 1982), Zeno X cassette (Club Moral 1982), and 4 Sept cassette (Etat Brut / Club Moral 1982); the complete Géometrie d’un Assassinat cassette by Etat Brut (Etat Brut 1982); selections from The Parts’ GBC015 cassette (Gezonde Boerse Copulaties 1984); AMVK’s previously unreleased “Soft Chaos”; and selected live and super-8 film soundtracks. Includes twenty-page book of extensive liner notes, credits, discography, photos. Edition of 600.


Epicurean Escapism

(The Epicurean - CURE1) CD + DVD $26.75

The episodic track by Swedish industrial trio IRM is constructed with elements from Indications of Nigredo (Segerhuva 2008), Order4 (Cold Meat Industry 2010), and Closure (Malignant 2014) — unified into a new, holistic composition which contrasts aggressive noise segments with illusionary moments of lavish quasi-folk. The track by John Murphy’s Krank is a dark collage of fragmented noise, acoustic samples and female vocals. Erik Jarl (of IRM) contributes a subtle piece of circulating drone with a tranquil surface that makes partially hidden harshness more audible. Anemone Tube and Human Larvae’s lucid piece combines the knock-on effect of the former’s flow of sounds with the heaviness of latter’s doom-like industrial. The ninety-two-minute DVD by IRM’s Martin Bladh includes his earliest short film Pig and Tomboy (2005), the epic pentalogy Cycle (2006), and the conceptual installation video DES (2009), among others. All the films present unvarnished set pieces of the human body subjected to subtly implied violence within claustrophobic spaces, where the camera itself, the voyeuristic eye, is the only free player. The accompanying art catalogue includes collages and Polaroids, short essays by Bladh, and introduction text by Carl Abrahamsson. Edition of 350. Listen to an excerpt from “Triptych” by Irm here: http://epicureanescapism.bandcamp.com/album/epicurean-escapism-i


Epicurean Escapism III

(The Epicurean - CURE.3) CD + DVD $21.75

The third and final edition of this series again unites music, film and visual arts in a vision of uncompromising utopian transgression, diving into this subjective counter-world. On the forty-nine CD Sutcliffe Jügend present a straightforward power noise track with a pulsating electronic hook; Swedish units Alfarmania and Skin Area dig deep into the depraved consciousness, each with of a unique version of morbid industrial resonating with decay; Budrus seduces the listener with beautifully melancholic Lithuanian poetry; German act Gerechtigkeits Liga clank and rattle with their brand of organic industrial; appearing as a vaudevillian, prominent voice of Radio Werewolf Nikolas Schreck’s perverse neo-psychedelic composition alludes to Lord Sutekh, merging European neoclassical with ethnic Indian music and poetry; one of the last recordings of John Murphy on drums can be heard on Last Dominion Lost’s ritual piece “To The Master, A Long Goodnight.” On the three-hour DVD are: video works, live performances and collaborations by radical Swiss sound artist Dave Phillips of the notorious Schimpfluch Gruppe, whose work has many facets — composition, performance, psycho-acoustics, sonic rituals, voice, video, field recordings, objects and electronics, etc. — and is presented here in all its undiluted brutality, urgency and topicality; documentation of unique solo live actions and the notorious Paris 1996 performance of Schimpfluch-Gruppe; recent collaborations with G.X. Jupitter-Larsen; visual interpretations of Phillips’s audio works by video artists Pakise Akin, Jan Van Hasselt and Remote-Control Rectum. Includes 24-page catalogue with a text about the work of Phillips, collages, pictures, drawings and lyrics.


High Zero Festival Of Experimental Improvised Music

(Recorded - REC024) Used CD + DVD $12.00

This 10th anniversary package (released in 2009) gives a small three-hour taste of the inspired radical methods and utopian intentions that go into the annual Baltimore event’s new music, no-holds barred experimentation, spontaneous collaborations, varied performances on stage and on the street, special projects, and interviews. Featuring Jim Baker, John Berndt, Jac Berrocal, Nicole Bindler, Jaap Blonk, Tom Boram, Dan Breen, Jeff Carey, Audrey Chen, Dan Conrad, John Dierker, Michael Formanek, Eric Franklin, Chiara Giovando, Dave Gross, Daniel Higgs, Sofia Jernberg, Michael Johnsen, Bonnie Jones, Lukas Ligeti, Thomas Lehn, Kyp Malone, Ben Manley, Kaffe Matthews, Joe McPhee, Sean Meehan, Phil Minton, Scott Moore, Stewart Mostofsky, Lexie Mountain, Ian Nagoski, Le Quan Ninh, Catherine Pancake, Greg Pierce, Eve Risser, Matana Roberts, Marina Rosenfeld, Christine Sehnaoui, Roger Turner, Fuyuki Yamakawa, C. Spencer Yeh, and others. CD contains six strange gems from the High Zero vaults.


Trans-Pigmentational Slit

(Duplications de Ange de la Morte) DVD $15.00

According to the liner notes and all contemporary databases with proven reliability, this is the only extant video footage of Jim Shepard’s jaw-dropping band in any form. Running around 30 minutes or so, filmmaker David Kerr’s footage is very much a DIY affair, steeped in gloriously primitive, narrative experimentalism. The single free-form jam explodes visually into a psychedelic miasma, and there are dystopian cameos from all your favorite monsters.



(Von Archives - VON011) DVD $13.00

SALE PRICE. Visual experimentation by the legendary percussionist-poet, in which percussion and rhythm alter visual pattern waves. This inner journey of primitive industrial psychedelia is as hypnotic as it gets. Editon of 500