(Infinitive Sessions)

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Released 2002, the final Starfuckers album (after which they changed their name to Sinistri) combines diminutive rock with a deconstructed take on staggered soul rhythms, proto-punk gusto, and enigmatic cycles of industrial repetition. A peculiar ride through the exoskeleton of musical form into a disorienting miasma of sound dislocation that demonstrates how music is a pollution of time.



(Drunken Fish) Used CD $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

The Italians legends’ 1997 follow-up to Sinistri maintains the unique approach to decimated sound arrangement. Sampler, small mixer, analog synth, digital multi-effect, electric guitar, cheap transistor amp, low-watt monitor, vintage drum kit, turntable, and that’s it. For recording they used mini-disc four-track recorder and a single microphone.


Metallic Diseases

(Holy Mountain - 1981) LP $14.50

Truly unhinged at times, dreamlike and understated at others , this reissue of Starfuckers' debut album from the late '80s fuses droning, hard rock with a gestalt that pushes it right over the cliff. Includes free download card with a bonus track, "Grade Zero."