Hypertension Classics Volume 2

(Harbinger Sound - HAS030) 4xCD $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Mark Durgan has been doin' the lord's work within UK noise since 1986 (via his Birthbiter label) and keeping his shoulder to the wheel with recordings for Broken Flag, Artware, MSBR, RRR and others. This luscious doorstop collects the long out-of-print "Hypertension Classics" double-seven (sold at shows in Japan in the 90s), plus a four-hour “noise assault [that] combines the mid-air ectoplasmic gloop of mid-period Merzbow with a bone-grasping tactile edge that seems to come more out of post-Industrial DIY traditions as articulated by New Blockaders.…” according to our astute colleagues at Volcanic Tongue.


Live Interlacing

(Harbinger Sound - HAS063) LP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

Collaboration by Mark Durgan (Putrefier) and Dean Glaister (Romance). Minimal, low-level circuitry making allusive crackling connections between sudden pin-points of fuzz and architectures of pure current a la European electronic improvisers like Voice Crack, Hugh Davies and Michel Waisvisz. Each jacket has a unique paste-on image. Edition of 250 copies.


Trace Element Syntax

(Pure) Used CD $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

“A clangorous cartoon soundtrack … at double speed through distortion pedals,” muse our friends at Subterranean. “A maniacal fun-house of mind-bending noise” from 1997 by Mark Durgan “serving up old-school power electronics since the early ’80s. Sure to entertain and drive you out of your mind.”