Music Pour Descendre

(Bôłt - BL1009) CD $13.50

In contrast to the Darmstadt school, avant garde composers of the Romanian “golden series” (George Enescu, Stefan Niculescu, Aurel Stroe, Tiberiu Olah, Myriam Marbe and Anatol Vieru) set out to discover the common, a priori, Ur-foundation of music tradition, an endeavor from which developed Romanian spectral and archetypal musics. The last living composer of this group, Nemescu explores areas of conceptual, ritual, and ambient music, as well as the meta-musical plane. Since 1990, symphonic works have taken up the most important position in his output, much of which focus on a series of gradually developed pieces devoted to certain moments and hours of day and night. Musique Pour Descendre is dedicated to 2PM and 3PM. Tedium House orders include a free copy of Bananafish #14, with a ten-page translation of an essay by Nemescu, calling for a return to conceiving of music as an initiative, participatory event made of “energy ladders.”