(Beniffer Editions) Cassette $14.00 (Out-of-stock)

A real growler on side A, with additional sounds and final touches by Kiyoharu Kuwayama. The title track on the B side is a concrète vocal exploration with additional sax and synth accompaniments. In 1976, while preparing The Perfect Performance for the Extra-Terrestrial exhibition in the ICC, James Lee Byars saw a halo around Mich's head and manically tried to capture it in a series of twenty Polaroids (ultimately failing). Mich already tried to visualize the 11th or M-Dimension in previous performances; The Fluidium can be considered another experiment in a similar direction. In a sextuple foldout hand-cut box with five-color silkscreen on the front. The gatefold is a three-color silkscreen performance / film still. C47. Edition of 100


From Tapes and Throats

(Giant Tank) LP $16.50

A couple years back, Glasgow was consumed by the collective throats of Antwerpian weirdo Ludo Mich and Brightonian/Lothian noise-family farmhands Blood Stereo (Karen Constance and Dylan Nyoukis of Prick Decay / Decaer Pinga / Chocolate Monk). Hear their night-terror-inducing Nosferatu yap melt the minds attending the Instal '06 festival on side A, and neck the swallie of post-everything sound poetry and tape-dirt manipulation on Side B. A real out odyssey. 250 copies. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2008.


Les Archives de l’Univers Amnesique Illustre

(Discombobulate) LP $22.00

This new pairing of minds and techniques on a steel-grey voyage across the treacherous Ifingr river is a brief, slo-mo moment of calm, the drunken grasp for a banister before the crash of brittle chin on concrete steps. Recurring metallic hisses are overlaid with saw-tooth waves sourced from MP3s buried in the garden over a harsh winter. When the ducks loosen phlegm they shit silver dollars. Presently contact mics are attached to submarine hulls somewhere in an undersea canyon and closing the eyes opens up new patterns of pressure-roses blooming red, orange, red. Lethe’s master of resonant spaces and junk objects Kuwayama holds the reins over three chapters of spiraling horror and madness. Sounds are coaxed out ashamed and blushing: the syphilitic cough, the cracked shin bone and the greasy sheen of night sweats wired up to a nine-volt battery. Embudagonn’s mysterious masked man Kasahara adds stewed tape manipulation with brush strokes that hint at a moody Goya and his bleak Pinturas negras. Specter and godfather to the NorEuro heek-a-freek underground Mich adds an ass-hiss, a stain, a pursed lip smacking to the junkyard rumble. With inserts by each artist. White vinyl. Edition of 200


The Wet Black Poodle Transforms

(Singing Knives) CD $10.50

Recordings from November 2011 in Manchester and Sheffield of performances by legendary Flemish Fluxus artist, performer and filmmaker, with the Harappian Night Recordings mastermind and the percussionist from Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides. “Mich is in mind-bending form here,” observes our mole inside Volcanic Tongue, “Forsaking established ‘sound poetry’ modes for spontaneous body strategies, snores, bursts of song and screams, at points getting into an amazing Patty Waters-esque riff on ‘black,’ at others channeling the ferocious osmotic tongue of Blixa Bargeld circa “Negative Nein.” Ali and Nichols bolster the industrial ritual feel with metal tones, tonal skin sounds, weird moments of gamelan drone and sudden explosions of full bore improvisation that nod to the kinda volcanic interplay of the Music Improvisation Company or the large scale percussive constructs of Tony Oxley.” Edition of 150. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2013