Beta Male

(Chondritic Sound - CH-326) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

The return of Fejhed’s Jesse Sanes to Chondritic Sound sends listeners into a vast chasm of brooding tension and finessed sonic anguish. Culled from the foggy heights of German industrial, Beta Male exhumes a corroded alloy of industrial rhythms, grotesque field recordings and paranoid electronics. From the swirling, claustrophobic symbiosis of acoustic clamor with scrupulous electronics in the vein of Maria Zerfall, to the commanding synthesized martial churns of pre-9/11 power electronics — elevated by painstaking, obsessive production, methodical high-end assaults, and a choir of tortured, introverted voices singing a cringe-inducing case for the euthanasia of masculinity — the meticulous and practiced compositions would stand-out on any State Art or Loki Foundation compilation. Includes download card. Edition of 300