Requiescat In Plavem

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(Maple Death Records - MDR004) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

A psychedelic country masterpiece coming from an Italian true original and one-time member of Vermillion Sands. In the hills behind Valdobbiadene, birds watched and whistled night and day during the recording of Krano’s “damaged minimal folk from Veneto” that swirls and rolls, replicating the beauty, wilderness, history and fever of the Prosecco-fueled valley. A lone rider singing about loss, love, money and friendship is the foundation here. Honky-tonk detuned pianos echo from a wine saloon. ’70s-era Neil Young-ish ballads mix with tinges of Skip Spence’s psych folk golden touch and Randy Newman’s dark humor. Acoustic and fuzz guitars, harmonica, piano, drums and bass conjure sleepy swamp devils crawling out from the river banks, venturing into murder-ballad territory, and the fury of cow-punk freaks Meat Puppets and Country Teasers. If you are coming down from a tough night and the sun starts shining through, you might catch a glimpse of Morricone’s whistling, Brian Wilson’s decaying universe, or Robbie Basho’s spiritual acoustic mystic. Liner notes by Mike Donovan of Sic Alps and Peacers.
LP includes insert and MP3 download. Listen to “Me E Ti” here: