Slow Lightning

(Sham Repro) LP $20.00

Sometimes the old hands tell the truth. Cherry made it known some years ago that the cosmic hummus resonates. Bound by bread and blub, High Wycombe Wullie (Harrison) and The Guildford Grouch (Murphy) took to Roedale Valley allotments some years back to sow the seeds for Slow Lightning, which is neither a split nor a collab, but rather a love letter forged between close pals of the sonic ital. Let the lion’s gaze turn the weeds to stone! Harrison shows his delicate hand with thin precision loops and strange little snapshots. Scuttering gadgets wheeze ominous scents into the faces of yelping robotic kittens and the dictaphone player in your mind just keeps intoning “let the low tide tingle, fella!” Murphy proves he is no recycled revenant with a brave and bold bowl of text-sound tit pickle. Huff the high fidelity and let tribute be paid to those voices as they have teachings. The loops and the breaks keep it simmering nice, while flabbergasted turntables press cheeks with prime Bohman-esque yabber. Like Don probably never said “Let the duck honk rasp yr brain, man!”