Blind Dates

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.294) CDR $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

Pretty much fresh off the bus. Cosmic true head vibes. Bjerga and Watson scrape and scratch in gleeful unison. Norwegian ALF cassette. The kind of Happy Birthday drop that only The Baron can get away with. Edition of 66.


Dissecting An Utterance

(Spricht Editions) LP $18.75

A surreal panel debate (recorded live at Click Festival, Elsinore, Denmark, 2018) by four experimental vocal artists getting to the depths of what it means to be a human being with a voice — not through power points and well conceptualized reasoning, but by going straight for the heart of it. The voice in its primal form, a voice with a verbal language, a voice that can travel incoherently between timbres and concepts. Four very different aspects and views on the topics dissected live, creating a space for the body to speak its mother tongue and for the mind to let its non-linear impulses mutate for the sheer thrill of exploring its (un)natural habitat. Red Vinyl.


Preamble To Nihil

([ no label ]) Cassette $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

Ideas that day were viewed as a bird’s eye from the foreboding above. Empty of meaning where meaning could at last be emptied. “Sounds of wonky lo-fi guitar, dreamscape poetry (word and mouth play), looped vibes, arguments, church bells and brass bands (Brighton parklife?), turntables, general rustle, hustle and bustle,” notes our friend at Remuhmuration blog. “Sax blurts, ampnoise. There’s … recorder playing that sounds like an intro to an old Good Missionaries song. It’s all in the editing and presented so smoothly, like listening to a jigsaw being built.” C32


Slow Lightning

(Sham Repro) LP $20.00

Sometimes the old hands tell the truth. Cherry made it known some years ago that the cosmic hummus resonates. Bound by bread and blub, High Wycombe Wullie (Harrison) and The Guildford Grouch (Murphy) took to Roedale Valley allotments some years back to sow the seeds for Slow Lightning, which is neither a split nor a collab, but rather a love letter forged between close pals of the sonic ital. Let the lion’s gaze turn the weeds to stone! Harrison shows his delicate hand with thin precision loops and strange little snapshots. Scuttering gadgets wheeze ominous scents into the faces of yelping robotic kittens and the dictaphone player in your mind just keeps intoning “let the low tide tingle, fella!” Murphy proves he is no recycled revenant with a brave and bold bowl of text-sound tit pickle. Huff the high fidelity and let tribute be paid to those voices as they have teachings. The loops and the breaks keep it simmering nice, while flabbergasted turntables press cheeks with prime Bohman-esque yabber. Like Don probably never said “Let the duck honk rasp yr brain, man!”


Something Approaching Zero

([ no label ]) Magazine $2.00 (Out-of-stock)

The rectal thermometer has been slipped under the tongue of western society and Harrison’s findings are unequivocal: cultural despair driven by pre-apocalyptic stress syndrome. Poetic prose that underscores how witnessing the decline and fall is worse than the inevitable doom that seems to be goal. Seven essays, “Spiel,” “Test Message,” “Vashti,” “I Just Live Here,” “Untitled (But A Dream To Read Aloud W/ Flu Symptoms),” “Council,” and “The End Of The World.” Twenty pages, some of which are blank, because we’re all dying and can’t tell the difference anyway.