Isolation Culture

(Maple Death Records - MDR011) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Twelve anti-hits by this tour-hardened, minimal noise-pop machine which features Jacopo Beta’s propulsive drumming, Giulia Mazza’s alien synthesizers, the commanding low thump of Nico Pasquini’s bass-playing, along with Jonathan Clancy’s trademark fidgeting guitar work and his usual stirring lyrical resolve. Isolation Culture is a record from another place: from a wormhole to a parallel universe where weathered Bowie statues pepper the abandoned city streets and Swell Maps is piped into empty runaway subway cars; maybe it’s the final psychedelic transmission from a radio station in flames, or it turned up on the lawn, delivered by an overnight tornado from somewhere that no longer exists. Curious sonic investigations, inspired compositions, late-night four-track experiments, all wrestled into its final form as succinct art-pop.