Seneca's Last Breath

(Quemada) Used 7-inch $7.00

The vinyl debut from these residents of Hobart, Tasmania (also known as the Australia of Australia), who channel earnestness, naivety and lyrical inspiration from the weirdest loner folk. They're obsessed with Joy Division, and because of an inescapable Xpressway filter, sound less Manchester and more like a Jefferies brother Peter and Graeme would rather people not find out about, and so have forced him to live in the attic deprived of voice lessons, friends and food. So you gotcher heavily melodic ode to the Roman stoic philosopher on one side, and your quieter, more seductive affair on the flip, a pledge of devotion to another man's wife. Why not?


Under Neon Lights

(Wormwood Grasshopper - WG01) LP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

Cracked sermons for those spoilt by a lifetime of drums. With more rage, more range and more focus than previous Drunk Elk transmissions, Under Neon Lights describes the madness as something clearer, louder and more felt. Picture Father Yod, disrobed, and dispatched to a very different island, landing in the hands of a mischievous Current 93. Edition of 300.