送魂使者 Soul Sender

(Inu Wan Wan) LP $22.00

Two key figures in the Chinese underground avant-garde (Li Jianhong, Yan Jun, Torturing Nurse) recorded Soul Sender during the Qingming Festival, customarily a day to visit tombs and make offerings to the dead. Cello, RAT pedal, drums, and your pinna and eardrum make up the instrumentation. While the formants accessible in the timbral ranges of an instrument do not change, ways of performing a musical instrument always remain discoverable. Sheng (盛洁) and Deng (邓博宇) create a vibrational coalition circulating awareness of entries, exits, and unisons, finding a pulse heard spatially. That gives the chills. Just like the resonances known through bumps in curves on plots of frequency and amplitude that evidence the Higgs boson and other briefly existing subatomic particles concentrated by acceleration and detected through collision. Sheng and Deng access resonance particles.