Order: Spoil The Entire State

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Incredible archival recordings from the 1980s by the noise orchestra of Brad Laner (Medicine, Savage Republic, Electric Company, Unsound magazine) and Jim Goodall (Medicine, Severed Head In A Bag, DD Dobson, Whitehouse), featuring LAFMS superstars such as Solid Eye’s Rick Potts and Joseph Hammer and unknown San Fernando Valley noise geniuses. Epic spontaneous compositions created with tape recorders, short wave radios, cheap synths, random orchestral instruments and circuit-bent gear -- all unleashed in front of an unsuspecting Wall Of Voodoo audience. In their day they released cassettes on ARPH and Laner’s Party Sound Tapes label, and appeared on compilations released by The Minutemen’s New Alliance imprint, New Underground, and Trance Port. Prior to hitting the big time with Medicine, Laner and Goddall could be found in The Steaming Coils, and Laner working with Fourwaycross, Nervous Gender and others. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2013