Final Confession

(Chrome Peeler - CPR15) 2xLP $21.00 (Out-of-stock)

Crushing American power electronics by Jonathan Canady, exhausting with its inner ugly, satisfying in its rawness, and so far from healthy. All tracks are previously released, many out of print or hard to find: “Walking Time Bomb” and “Triumph Of The Hunter” from Dedicated To Edmund Emil Kemper seven-inch (Self Abuse 1997); “Abominations Of The Flesh” from Abominations seven-inch (Bloodlust 1997); “Girone Della Merde” and “Girone Del Sangue” from 120 Days Of Sodom split-LP (Old Europa Café 1997); “Blood” from Ne Plus Ultra CD (Pure 1997); “Happy Birthday,” “Breaking A Doll,” and “Touch Me Daddy” from the Back On The Prowl CDr (Solipsism 2000); “Gutters Of New York City (Berkowitz II)” from Gutters Of New York City CDr (self-released 2001); “Porn Victim / Born Victim” from Pornography Hurts CDr (Bitewerks 2001); and “Shit Pig” from Deathpile And Whorebutcher split CDr (Slaughter Productions 2002). Gatefold jacket with new artwork by Fecalove’s Nicola Vinciguerra. Marble colored vinyl. Edition of 450.



(Hospital - HOS88) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

From 1995 to 2004 Jonathan Canady led this classic American power electronics band, and this the band’s final album (Force of Nature Productions / Hospital Productions, 2003), set a benchmark in extreme music, providing a fully realized, investigative, confrontational intensity while exploring the perspective of the perpetrator, in this case one Gary Ridgway. Longtime industrial and experimental musician David E. Williams provides masterful analogue synth work alongside Canady’s devastating vocal performance, testament to controlled chaos and full immersion in challenging subject matter. First-time vinyl edition of 500.


Ne Plus Ultra

(Pure) Used CD $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

Nine unrelenting tracks, performed and recorded at Not An Exit, 1997. Sci-fi horror and spooky, unearthly soundscapes, layer upon layer of harsh, swirling atmospheres, volcanic eruptions, ear-splitting whistles, garbled shortwave static, and distorted voices.