Death Magazine 52

(Harbinger Sound - 078) Used 2xLP $22.00 (Out-of-stock)

Our friends at Volcanic Tongue’s hysteria-pitch enthusiasm about this unlikely Harbinger Sound excavation and rescue is more contagious than necrotizing fascitis. This “revelatory 2xLP … bundles all extant recordings...: studio recordings ... insane live shows, including an afternoon gig in front of ... teenage girls at Queen Marys Girlschool in Walsall, as well as their closing Equinox performance” in London 1983. “The studio recordings are massively crude bass-and-percussion-heavy industrial jams with an urgent new wave edge, wobbly brass and electro stylings that come out of the Heathen Earth songbook, some classic entropic junk ritual, and fucked-up tape work. The live recordings have a wilder, ritualistic appeal, with a Wolverhampton show that crosses punk-primitive brass and headhunter horns with free percussion rallies…. [T]he Girlschool show and the Equinox event recording … are the real gravy…. [A] few brief minutes of absolute refusenik out-of-time percussion and slowly expiring brass runs, complete with guest vocalist Philip Best from Whitehouse / Consumer Electronics, leads into a police bust that comes over as some of the most hilarious industrial theatre ever put to wax.”