Adversity And Marginalization

(Chocolate Monk - choc.494) CDR $6.75

Let’s dream big for a moment, gonk: a silent Ray Harryhausen remake of that movie about roughnecks landing their rocketship on an asteroid heading for Earth so they can blow it up. And here’s the soundtrack. Hm, that was easier than anyone had a right to expect. So, yeah, Hiroshi Hasegawa — interstellar synth noise royalty, commander of the violent squad of loyalists protecting Sun Ra’s birth nugget on the surface of Prometheus, and your freak brother inside C.C.C.C. He’ll get you high, anoint you with a tap on the shoulder of his blight sabre, and take you for a terrifying joy ride in a glass coffin. Three long tracks, each turbulating through jagged disintegration and dense fields of toxic dust, well parallax’d fur judders, stir-fried collapsing howls, and jump cuts from acidic feedback into thick burning pools of all-contaminating rumble’n’screech that makes the GOMAD weight-builders from the ’90s lose consciousness. Edition of 60


Astro / Family Battle Snake

(Pan - PAN1) split LP $16.00

Delving into the realm of deep listening, transported by way of analog synthesizers, Family Battle Snake (aka Bill Kouligas of Sudden Infant) weaves an electronic web that cocoons the listener in warm cascading frequencies, calling to mind classic electronic composers such as Charles Dodge, Eliane Radigue and even a hint of NWW. Astro (aka Hiroshi Hasegawa of C.C.C.C.) melds waves of squealing feedback and oscillating waveforms with biting distortion. Enveloped by haywire electronics and burbling loops and skree, Astro has constructed an impressive piece of modern electronic music of devastating magnitude. Limited edition of 330 hand-numbered copies, pressed on 140g vinyl, jacket housed in a two-tone silkscreened PVC sleeve with interweaving geometric designs.


Deep Wind

(Quasi Pop) Used CD $5.00

Intercontinental file-swapping is the means that yielded this collaboration between Japanese noise bigwig Hiroshi Hasegawa and Puerto Rico’s harsh noise / experimental electronic duo, released by a scrappy Ukrainian label. Both long tracks on Deep Wind are based by each artist on the other’s noise. This complex, sometimes brutal and disturbing journey beyond the margins of consciousness incorporates totally psychedelic sounds, extreme frequencies, and deep, pulsating drones. Oversized gatefold jacket.


Galactic Desert Song

(Light Room) CD $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

A hard-to-find, limited edition release by ex-C.C.C.C. analog synth master Hiroshi Hasegawa, described by one somber expert as “vast waves of space-age tones and sci-fi atmospheres,” hyped by another as “sounds to make your inner child curl up and die in a 80 mile pile of black Ernst vomit.”


Japanese Royal Blue

(Turgid Animal) LP $20.00

Two live recordings of pure and painful synth noise bliss from psychedelic harsh noise master Hiroshi Hasegawa (ex-C.C.C.C., Mortal Vision, etc.). Edition of 250.


Live at Muryoku Muzen Temple

(Important - IMPREC198) LP $14.00

Two side-long tracks made with oscillators, synth, ring modulator and vocals by Hiroshi Hasegawa (ex-C.C.C.C.), a companion piece to The Echo At The Purple Dawn (Important 2008). Black vinyl.