Occult Rock

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Eight hypnotic tracks, an ultimate entheogenic ceremony that reveals the 
power trio’s live energy and osmosis, and the individuality and roughness of each instrument, with an emphasis on the inter-penetration of all the components of an organic and tetanizing trance ritual.
 This opus recounts the alchemical transformation of the primordial vibration into matter, through all its elemental phases, leading to the sonic manifestation of the forces of the universe into the octagonal prism of Occult Rock.



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(Ajna Offensive - FLAME99) LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

This rhythmic, dissonant instrumental trio burrow into dark avenues of occult rock. They began working on the album after the release of their previous album in 2012. It’s one piece divided in six parts, composed as a multi-directional labyrinth with a constantly changing map. The focus this time is on precision, the space between the notes and beats, articulations, pulse, breath and resonances.