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Six tracks from 2010. “Ortni” is reverb-battered drone, with layers of deep tremolo’d scrapes. “The Inflammatory Sesor” adds more compelling church-organ-like textures. A bit of the old MB shines through “Oigada,” where overtly flanged, rudimentary rhythms, and complex layering match with sci-fi beeps and tones in the background. “Ogral” pushes deep mournful tones into slow reverb, which swells in volume to reach a stride that is harsh but spare electronic noise. “Evarg,” with its decaying tape recordings of symphonic music, leans into the higher frequencies and pushes into grinding harsh noise territory. Music-tinged tones swirl up to the surface of “The Plain Elanif,” which is otherwise an industrial swamp.


Noise \ ... [Lärm]

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With the heaviest of the heavy: Masami Akita, Zbiniew Karkowski, Dror Feiler. Real surrealistic music from 2002 composed in a non-musical way. Noise as the primitive and collective consciousness of music. Expanding perceptions. Intuitive molten metal brutality. Evolved, individually perfected performance techniques, the musicians’ rapport with electronics and technology and their hybrid background experiences that extend from improvised to contemporary art music, from jazz to experimental rock and pop, from noise to ambient. Sealed