Electric Pond: Solar Solution (Music For Synthesizer and Electronic Sounds)

(Resipiscent) Used CD $8.00

Loachfillet dwells on the lakebed of a lifelong musical vision where analogue synth, beaten bass, tape loops and aging electronics pour forth sound too crushingly deep to escape. From a funneling eddy at the start of track one, down you go, descending his bubble column to a booming bass guitar wreck shimmering with algae. You plunge deeper still, down ten expansive tracks to the finale, titled “Hell,” with waves so heavy they’d buckle prettier heads; but you’re here to stay, lungs full at last.



(Resipiscent - RSPT045) 2xLP $26.00

A saga that began four albums and five comic books ago -- with a fat stub of flesh burrowing beneath the grass to uncover hex givers, beepers, and the severed heads of sisters -- draws to its epic conclusion deep within The Maze: once a war sanctuary, then a home, now a bio-mechanized sarcophagus, and the only way out is up. Though this story is crushing, the resulting shards dance, creak and spill into a psychic underground vast enough for cymbal, cello, tuba, storms, timpani, piano, guitar, foghorn, harmonica, double reeds, trumpet, Sylvester Stallone vocals, and synth that makes Pink Floyd blush. Sheck’s sound is singular, unmistakable: sleep talking, skidding drums, 64th note woodwinds at full tilt, cult chorales, resplendent horns, and escape-velocity dance anthems. Includes free download. Edition of 300.