Love​-​In​-​A​-​Mist, Edible

(Nyahh) LP $16.00

Recorded over a three-year period in Ireland, Amsterdam and Morocco on pianos in various conditions of ideal concord, these immediate, unfussy recordings, comparable to holiday snapshots, are only half about the playing of a piano, according to the Ireland-based sound-receiver herself. “They are also about the people around each piano and the room in which it lives.”



(Nyahh) CD $13.50

Cyber-tech texted phonemes, sibilants, velar nasal agmas, buzzing hiss-pops and fricative fun recorded in Derry, N. Ireland in June 2019 by the performance artist / sound poet — much of whose work is organic, spontaneous and site specific — and the composer / sound artist, whose work for and with human, performers, computers and (sound) objects often deals with memory, time, language and the relationship between text, code and gesture. The ten tracks on OXS are from “20 Performance Texts (2019),” O’Doherty’s collection of computer-generated pseudorandom texts.


Selected Audio Work 1983-1999

(Nyahh) CDR $12.00

Excavated from the archives of this Irish performance artist, presented for the first time as stand-alone audio pieces, this selection of sound work was originally made using multiple tape recorders, cut ups, mixed live and then recorded back on to cassette to accompany live performances and installations. If you've never been woken up at 3am and had to wonder what in god's name your eccentric neighbor is up to at this hour, here's your chance to share in the experience. Time has added hiss and noise to the cassettes over the years, only adding to the atmosphere and texture of the originals.