Arv & Miljö

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB008) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

A ten-minute ode to Gothenburg, focusing almost entirely on the sounds of seagulls and rain, with only tiny hints of the troubled A&M past. Recordings from a window. Edition of 200


Light Silence, Dark Speech

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB005) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Intimate and perplexing alto sax by this New York-based artist. Ten stripped-down mesmerizing minutes that owe just as much to free jazz skronk as they do to contemporary sound art. Edition of 200.


Käre Jesus b/w Mandys Bil

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB013) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Spun from the circle around Enhet För Fri Musik, Gustaf Dicksson’s nerve-wrecking tape collage work uses found cassettes to create bizarre glimpses of an extremely cold but thrilling north. The private nature of the source material — thrift store gems like home recordings of children singing, random conversations and crude boom box experimentation, sometimes spiced up with sparse instrumentation and always layered with a rudimentary pause-rec-ff-rewind editing — adds a disturbing flavor, as if one has snuck into someone’s living room on a Saturday night and hidden behind the rugged IKEA family couch. The A-side is based on repeated snippets from a Christian congregation in Sweden, while the slow-burning B-side investigates the grueling nature of car-ownership. Edition of 200


This Fits / This Is Familiar

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB012) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Two tracks of just guitar and vocals, stripped down to the bare minimum and driven by an austere ambience, recorded during the Roses Always Die sessions. Edition of 200.


Kid Brother

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB010) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

A splendid, minimalistic mixture of post-Savoury Days UK DIY slow-motion pop by Russell Walker and Tom James Scott. Shimmering organ melodies, sparse drumming, piano and field recordings. Edition of 200



(I Dischi Del Barone) Magazine $2.25 (Out-of-stock)

Interviews with Family Underground, Matteo Castro (Lettera 22, Kam Hassah, Second Sleep), Sprachlos Verlag, Concern. Film talk with Sam McKinlay of The Rita. Reviews. A5, 28 pages.



(I Dischi Del Barone) Magazine $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

Interviews with Evil Moisture, Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing, The Desperate Bicycles. A guide to Blackhumour by Chris Sienko. Reviews. A5, 32 pages.



(I Dischi Del Barone) Magazine $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

Corpus Hermeticum, Massimo Toniutti by Allen Mozek, Penultimate Press’s Mark Harwood. Cassette reviews. A5, 32 pages.



(I Dischi Del Barone) Magazine $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

A guide to the reissued works of It’s War Boys and associates, Thomas DeAngelo of Crisis of Taste. Reviews. Cover by Andy Bolus. A5, 24 pages



(I Dischi Del Barone) Magazine $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

Lasse Marhaug, Greedy Ventilator, Music Gallery Editions by Allen Mozek, Neutral, Skaters, NZ lathe cuts, part one. Cover by Dennis Tyfus. A5, 40 pages.



(I Dischi Del Barone) Magazine $5.75

Interviews with Russell Walker and Korea Undok Group. A feature on Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers. Speaker Crackle In The Garden (NZ lathe cuts - Part II), reviews. A5, 24 pages.


Backlit Colander With Holes Shaped Like Numbers / Bok Choy Festival

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB017) 7-inch $10.00

Two six-minute montages of reversed mitosis episodes, in which scaly pods, ruptured eggs, and clumps of partially digested hair smush through one another and glom together in unstable strains of Glass-spanktified dad-noise. “Backlit Colander With Holes Shaped Like Numbers” crawls with bacteria from munched electronics, murmurs of a chimney-entrapped Frampton (plus camel, but that should go without saying), tape yoont teetering on the lip of a magnetic abyss, and piercing splats from tiny automatic paintball guns. “High” and “lonesome” are the operative descriptors of “Bok Choy Festival”: Barbara Manning’s guitar loops backfire and self-annihilate in private spritz-overdose orgies; avian-constructed effigies of Annie Hayworth curdle; narration on the topic of body dysmorphia is provided courtesy of thrift store cassettes and a Sister Rosetta Thorpe quotation. Cover artwork by Karen Constance. With insert. Edition of 200.


Crystal Drops / Ground Loops

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB004) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Circuits, pulses and wind noise recorded at home and outdoors by this London-based artist. Edition of 200.



(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB006) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

A step even further into oblivion by this Berlin artist, exploring unknown territories via daunting everyday life recordings and electronic slices of nothing and everything. Edition of 200.


City / Clear

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB009) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Underlying heaviness and overall psychedelic guitar / synth blur blasted through a shitty amplifier by Neutral’s Sofie Herner, backed with a fragile take on kosmische musik, straight from the Utmarken elementary school. Japanese whispers. A homespun scorcher and a completely unique voice in the Swedish underground. Edition of 200.


The Never Quartet

(I Dischi Del Barone) 7-inch $10.00

Static, haunting bliss by Michael Morley, employing the resonating qualities of e-bowed wooden acoustic guitars placed flat upon wooden furniture to reveal connections between time and space by activating the instruments and the other wooden objects within architectural structures. With insert. Edition 0f 200


Magnet Hill

(I Dischi Del Barone) 7-inch $10.00

Rather minimal and more based on guitar than previous efforts by Jesse Dewlow, such that “a murky sub-underground feel resembling South Island NZ pop played inside an armored car” line might be on point, but these two downer gems are rooted elsewhere. Plus, hey hey, locked grooves. With insert. Edition of 200



(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB011) 7-inch $10.00

Newcastle-based improvisor Joe Murray’s mix of vocal-jaxx loops, dry breath and child chatter. Relentless squelching from a wet mouth that’s been physically spliced into cranky tape. An exploration of sharp pencil tap and wickedly pinched spools. Edition of 200. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2016


La Chrestomathie Du Désespoir

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB031) 7-inch $9.00

The inherent mystery and beauty of sound itself gets its first scrutiny by Small Cruel Party in fifteen years. Emphasis is on non-instrumental sound sources, the exact specific nature of which is not readily apparent. Manipulation of physical objects in acoustic space and a great deal of concentrated activity are the methods. Stamped white labels. Paste-on cover and insert. Edition of 200


The Final Programme

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB005) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Two prime cuts of intense noise bliss from Rodger Stella, sort of in the vein of some One Dark Eye stuff with a psychedelic twist slightly reminiscent of C.C.C.C. Stuff flies out of everywhere. Edition of 200


Porcelain Summer

(I Dischi Del Barone) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Celebrating five years without an accident, the label presents twelve previously unreleased tracks — from shimmering lo-fi glory and falling-down-the-stairs pop, to free noise skronk, treble-down maxed-out folky bliss, and electronic bedroom mayhem — by Pumice (NZ), Johnny R. Spykes (US), Brannten Schnüre (Germany), JJulius (Sweden), Vital Idles (UK), Karla Borecky (US), Red Brut (Netherlands), Amateur Hour (Sweden), The Futurians (NZ), Greymouth (NZ/Japan), Jon Collin (Sweden/US), The Ivytree (US). With insert. Edition of 200