Vague Maze

(A Dear Girl Called Wendy - WENDY12) 7-inch $8.00

Two titans of noise, one stunning prologue to their series of collaborations, seven minutes of analog synthesizers, electronics, and noise dating from 2005. Fast, violent, harsh. Edition of 200.


Sissy Spacek

(A Dear Girl Called Wendy - WENDY06) 2x7-inch $15.00

In 1999 Corydon Ronnau and John Wiese made their first recordings as a more or less "conventional" blur/grindcore duo. Shortly after, the band entered a recycling period in which Wiese produced a number of albums and EPs, the first of which was this self-titled CD (originally released on Helicopter), transforming their original source material into hardcore musique concrete. Listed in Studio Voice's "New No Wave 200" and declared a new genre by Koji Tano, it is available on vinyl for the first time as a double-seven with new edits, new mastering and previously obscure material from the same era.