A Black Balloon

(Criminal - PATR55) LP $20.00

Sealed copies of the original pressing (from the early to mid-'80s) of the second solo outing by one of the Parasites of the Western World dudes. Crashing syndrums, pomped riffs and dramatic vocals, steering just the right side of Thomas Dolby and Peter Gabriel territory with unique traces of synth-pop and an untouchably aspirational intent.


Silence and Timing

(Criminal - PATR555) LP $20.00

Sealed copies of the original pressing from 1981 of this solo oddity by a member of the Parasites Of The Western World. Not as many avant rock maneuvers as the Parasites' album (reissued by Destijl), but still a knockout, albeit less overt. Burke blurs the boundary between dreamy psych and melancholic post punk, with passing overtones of both Brian Sands and Gignoux's The Broadway Boys, though this has got a darker overall cast.