Amplified Piano Duets

(Anarchymoon) Used LP (one-sided) + CDR $10.00

A lost journey to unknown planets, defective machinery, dead pilots at the controls, recorded December 2006, released in 2009, paste-on jacket


American Masonry

(Anarchymoon) Used CD $2.00

“Recorded in an enormous warehouse in Tulsa where Bob Bellerue used the structure’s natural resonances to bolster whatever kind of damage he’s applying,” says Outer Space Gamelan, this “great slab of computer-generated and cement-slapped spectral waft [is] a dark grey cloud of fear and tension…. The other track is an angrier whack of synth-induced squalor, careening from the right side of the brain to the left, gently washing away only to roar back for a screaming finale. Excellently executed spaced, outer-reaching drone.” In chipboard, letter-pressed jacket


Smell Remains The Same

(Anarchymoon - ANOK18) LP $15.00

Ten tracks from seven-inches originally released between 1990 and 1995, including their track from the Untitled comp (Cavity Search 1995). The tracks display Smegma’s pioneering style of hi-fi-lo-brow surf-noise-rock concrète. Liner notes by David Morgan.



(Anarchymoon - ANOK22) LP $10.50

Two live sets from 2007 by Australia’s maverick amplified-glass player recorded in Europe. The contact-mic’d glass -- smeared with gel, rubbed with Yeldham’s nightmarish face, blown against, and otherwise manipulated -- shrieks like a trumpet with live a pig up its ass, alternating with field recordings of Donald Duck suffering through a heavy bout of dysentery, treated with synths pedal. This is a warehouse find of the platters from the original pressing, with new silkscreened fold-overs, individually smeared with blood. Seriously, these are not vegan. Tedium House orders include a complimentary (slightly damaged, though not bloody) copy of Bananafish #12, featuring an interview with Lucas Abela.