(Art Into Life - AIL005) LP $30.00 (Out-of-stock)

“This is a field of action implied, in the many possibilities and several contextualities of time...” states Giancarlo Toniutti in The Histories of Noise, “[P]rojecting music outside the realm of musicology, with a well-structured leap into the biological realm of sound and perception….” IYS – stem, branch, expression. Radiative expansion. The tree is silent. Make it speak. Assault on Venus. Cartesian grid or dimensional zones? Plants and animals. Airplanes, birds. When we hear a natural sound, how is it perceived? Is destruction an aberration in space-time? Process music. Nature can be quite quiet. Infrequent sounds in isolation. Overnight Campsite. Revealed roots. Primitive sound genesis. Time lapse structures. Wild environments. Some things in nature are meant to be broken, like the shell of a nut. Sound of life torn apart. Not the brittle crispiness of dried fall. Pattern perception. A specific, localized sound environment. Tree removal. Reverse animation. Search for the right sized subject. Madrona. Logging roads, island trek. Sacrifice. Microcosm in sound recording. Detailed exclusion. No looping. A finite numbered sequence. Its inversion alongside. A trailer full of dissected specimen. Ladder and camera. The cultivation of a sonic germ. Is the spirit intact? A single flower tops the tree. The waxy green leaves are first plucked. It's a skeletal reversal rehearsal. Displaced matter. Three days of taping. Prepared systematic process. Horizontal reorientation of sound contents. Wood audio emissions. Tanglewood. Time compression shifting. Tiny becomes tinier. Tinny becomes tinnier. Analog reels reality analogue. The beast has left. Careful with that axe! Levels zero and one on up to the branch tips. Field drawings and photos. Archeological dig in the dirt. Unearthed trunk. A missing organism is globally dispensed with. And still this thing persists. A strange evolution through sound. Creepy. Gatefold jacket, tree diagram poster, insane printing, gray vinyl. Edition of 300.