In Vogue Spirit

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Their third LP, but the first where synths, drums, flesh, blood, organs, ideas and the astral concepts they support have gelled: the hazy, shifting experimental semi-thrust, the psychedelic production and the effortless melodic flow.


Spill Into Atmosphere

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The freshest whitecap in Wet Hair’s upward crashing wave swirls with lighter-than-air energy, born aloft on propellers of foam yet anchored to Earth with thunder-clap rhythms and Shawn Reed’s heady bellow. This Iowa City-based duo-cum-trio’s discography includes shared releases with Rene Hell, Naked on the Vague and Peaking Lights; on their second full length for De Stijl, Reed and drummer Ryan Garbes are joined by Justin Tye, whose unique, melodic signature flies in formation but also peels off into flights that relate to the silk wheels of the synths, compliment them, guide them, support and distort and report to them.