Five Score Six Bicycle

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The third album from Canadian electronic duo Scott August of French Paddleboat and Kevin Rivard continues of their hazy and homemade electronic blend of manipulated melodies, crackles, murk, warm tones performed with cut-up and re-spliced magnetic tape, hand-cut records, modified turntables, and assorted deconstructed and reconfigured synthesizers. Silkscreened jacket. Edition of 300.


In Meorm Na

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Working exclusively with tapes, turntables, mixers, and analog synths, Scott August and Kevin Rivard stand apart from many electro experimenters; no laptops, no sequencers, no Pro-Tools, no drum machines, nothing high tech, or barely even a product of the 1990s present here. The key ingredient is the murky and essential intangible better known as “warmth.”