Black Dwarf Wreckording 1983-85

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD114) 4xLP $110.00 (Out-of-stock)

The “alchemistic” mix of elements of Un-Kommuniti, paired with heavy power-electronics and noise soundwalls, embraces the ultimate psychedelic journey. Fans of Stereolab will recognize that band’s roots here, as it was run by Tim Gane with support from Joe Manning, Vince Adams, Dave Smit and Pete Levy. They were active from 1983 until 1987 with releases on Freedom in a Vaccum, Broken Flag, Selbstmord Organization, Cause for Concern, Sound of Pig, and Statutory Tapes. All tracks here are previously self-released, sourced from Black Dwarf (Black Dwarf 1983), Doktrine (1983), Overliberate / Live In the Shithouse (Black Dwarf 1984), The Prime Advantage (Black Dwarf 1984), Anarchist Bingo Hall / Soundtracks (Black Dwarf 1984), Sense of Unmaking (Black Dwarf 1985), Dhol Chants (Black Dwarf 1985), Ex-Oblivione (Black Dwarf 1985), the compilations Faith Will Never Die (Black Dwarf 1983) and Crusade (Black Dwarf 1985).