Cassettetape Superstar

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The cover of the The Godz’ “Radar Eyes” is just one of the highlights on this endlessly entertaining album, which undertakes some of the more extreme regressions rock music saw in the ’90s, what with Eye grunting neanderthal monosyllables over a backing of seemingly random percussion. With plenty of purposeful funk deconstruction and meta-rock insight, this is one of most unlikely party albums of that long-gone decade.


UFO Or Die Live

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“These guys kinda straddle the divide between Boredoms and Hanatarash,” says a professional eBay-splainer, where “the spazzy thrash pop of the former collides head-on with the smashed noise jambalaya of the latter. Rough and raw live tapes [kick] up a monstrous ruckus, which is then heavily mixed into a collage of unhinged craziness. Weird changes in volume and pitch, oddball edits, needle-in-the-red overloading.”



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Four tracks from 1989 by Eye (Boredoms, Hanatarash), Yoshimi (Boredoms, OOIOO) and Hayashi (Leningrad Blues Machine), admired for their “violently undulating core, the sound of a sloppy sound that does not understand what is sounding, such as gash, shark, coin, pi, etc. Pop screaming flies forever. They used guitars before the introduction of the sampler as percussion. In other words, music like Art Lindsay’s DNA in a washing machine.”