Manifesto Rumoratorio

(Siltbreeze - SB182) LP $10.00

Pietro La Rocca was last heard honing his inscrutable craft with the great Sicilian ensemble Oper’azione Nafta, whose Cavuru album (Siltbreeze 2008) forged the skree of High Rise with the yelp of Sun City Girls. La Rocca and ex-pat Polish vocalist Patrycja Stefanek utilize a array of gadgets (Walkman, delays, toys, and tapes) in conjunction with voice and guitar, and the results simmer in an ardor of abstract improvisational babble — think Vetza / Joe Potts (LAFMS), Jim French / Diamanda Galás on Metalanguage, Joan La Barbara / Bruce Ditmas on Wizard Records, or Suckdog. Produced in conjunction with the Oley Freindschaft Guild of Braucherei Practitioners and the Guild of Urglaawe Braucherei and Hexerei Practitioners, Manifesto Rumoratorio speaks a language understood by, if not hundreds, then dozens of rabid wanters of abstract clatter. Includes digital download card. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2016