Turn it On Again - The Guitar Works of Timothy James Byrne

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This “Buckinghamshire-based musician, filmmaker, actor and photographer … has spent year upon year documenting life via a diverse array of mixed media in what would appear to be near total isolation,” explains Duncan Harrison. Byrne had been “creating and publishing multiple new works each day since at least late 2010, before stopping suddenly and without explanation in the summer of 2019. The result is an intimidatingly dense and difficult-to-comprehend archive filled with thousands of obscure artworks, the vast majority of which remain entirely undiscovered outside a tiny underground community of obsessive fans. Though he is best-described as a multi-instrumentalist and singer…, [this] selection of covers, improvisations, original numbers and outtakes focuse[s] on his work for acoustic and electric guitar. This … unauthorized, unoffical fan bootleg exist[s] primarily for documentary purposes and is to be understood as an abstract of Byrne’s wider body of work and artistic practice. With that said, this release represents perhaps the first and last instance of his work being made available outside his personal publishing efforts.” Edition of 50