20 Jazz Funk Greats

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Their harsh-ish electro-pop outing (Industrial 1979), where occasional bits of distortion are spritzed between rigid sequencer lines, a harbinger of the industrial-dance and dark synth-pop yet to come.
CD: 1998 remastered reissue with poster-style CD book of lyrics. Includes two bonus tracks – live versions of “Discipline,” one from Manchester, one from Berlin.
LP: The “Ah Pook Was Here” recut from 1979


D.o.A. - The Third and Final Report

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Their second studio album (Industrial 1978), a masterpiece of alienation constructed of collages of computer noise, tape manipulation, looped feedback and tape hiss, surreptitiously recorded conversation, threatening phone calls, and more.
CD: 1998 remastered reissue with poster-style CD book that has liner notes, essay by Jon Savage, postcard art. Includes two bonus tracks from their second single “Five Knuckle Shuffle” and “We Hate You (Little Girls)” (Sordide Sentimental 1979).
LP: 1983 repress


Entertainment Through Pain

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This unbeatable summary of crucial material from the first three albums by Genesis P-Orridge, Chris Carter, Cosey Fanny Tutti, and Sleazy takes in robo-fetish disco, piss-streaked paranoia, deadpan synth-pop pretensions, and more. U.S. pressing from 1981.


Heathen Earth

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A live document of a performance for a small and invited audience in 1980. “It’s … probably the most obviously electronic TG album of its time,” observe our friends at Boomkat. “Gen’s guitar and Cosey’s cornet duel with Chris Carter and Sleazy’s clipped, clammy, minimal synth constructions. ‘The Old Man Smiled’, ‘Something Came Over Me’, ‘Don’t Do As Your Told, Do As You Think’ and ‘The World Is A War Film’ are all breathtakingly, pulsatingly ahead of their time. ‘Still Walking’, first heard on 20 Jazz Funk Greats, sounds even more surreal and seductive in its live incarnation, Cosey’s dour East Yorkshire vowels echo to infinity before Gen presents a vision of paranoia and self-loathing purified in ‘Sub Human.’ ‘Adrenalin’ brings things to an oddly ecstatic, hi-NRG close, with Carter fully indulging his arpeggiated Euro-disco inclinations.” Second 1980 pressing with gatefold LP jacket. Ring wear and scuffed edges, price tags