Living Order / Mourning Order

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Lexington, KY-based sound artist Robert Beatty’s solo work is yet another confounding bullet on an already incomprehensible résumé (which includes work with Hair Police, Eyes & Arms of Smoke, Burning Star Core, and Ulysses). 3LR’s constantly evolving aesthetic, realized via an elaborate network of primitive electronics and salvaged arcana, explores repetition and deterioration of simple musical themes, discovering myriad rhythmic and harmonic possibilities with each tier of abstraction. Sit down and shut up for the overdue incorporation of the proto-techno of Herbie Hancock’s Sextant, the progressive synth psychosis of Franco Battiato and Heldon, the microtonal experimentation of C-Schulz and Lithops, the minimalist drone of Kosugi’s Catch Wave, and the contemporary DIY electronics of Kites, Pax Titania, and Aaron Dilloway.