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One long improvisation for throat by Manchester’s Matt Dalby, who hits all the sweet spots just right. “The improvisation grew from my mother’s diagnosis of the cancer that later killed her,” he explains. “I created a textual score tracking different emotional responses to the diagnosis, propped my Zoom on a window-ledge and started. And as usual, closed my eyes, deviated from the script, and experienced whatever you call hypnagogic hallucinations when you’re not half-asleep or meditating. To me it now sounds like a collision of generations with bonus fart noises.” Edition of 40.



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“The result of a day trip to Bury with the dual intention of recording some short improvisations and getting lost,” says Matt Dalby. Underpath “reference[s] … Brötzmann / Bennink’s Schwarzwaldfahrt and images of The Zone in Tarkovsky’s Stalker — though without the manliness and musical ability of the former, or the intellectual and structural rigor of the latter. What comes out is a kind of personal ritual, with an obsession about water.” Edition of 40.