Violin Improvisations New York September 1989

(Lovely Music) Used CD $10.00

“1990 CD release of solo violin and electronics by the main Taj Mahal Traveler and key player in Fluxus-related activities during the sixties. It’s some of the most beautiful mathematical-relationship-inspired solo performance grate-scrape out there… with just enough … Eastern micro-tonalities and alien gestures to keep your ears dancing on end…. [H]ard to believe that [the] glossed-out cavern / tank sonics are all derived from a single violin and a digital delay unit.”


Violin Solo NYC 1980

(P Vine) Used CD $28.00

A previously unreleased solo violin performance by legendary Fluxus conceptualist and founder of the Taj Mahal Travellers. “This CD presents rare and previously unreleased solo violin improvisation” says All Music Guide, “that employs techniques of free jazz mixed with the abstract sensibilities of the classical avant-garde. A stunning historical work, this requires a degree of attention to find reward in its details, but is a solid and compelling piece of avant-garde music.” From 1998