New Zealand Eels

(Emerald Cocoon - EC002) Used LP $8.00

Antony Milton (The Nether Dawn, Glory Fckn Sun) and Stefan Neville (Pumice) posit Sunken as sea-shanties sung by sailors lost to Cthulhu at the bottom of the ocean; their surging, reed-driven organs and vocal streams broadcast via cracked electronics suggest sailors breaking free of the weeds and swimming toward the light, and even, occasionally, breaking the surface. This tentacle shot from the abyss, however, drag the sailors back down into the service of the lurker in the deep. Bleak, black and completely drowned, New Zealand Eels beams five submarine tracks from the lost to the lost through the milky darkness, with the vocal melodies pushed to the foreground and the instrumental origins of the music obscured as never before by damaged baby monitors, power starved dictaphones, tape saturation and spring reverb. Include free download. Edition of 300.