Dan Graham & The Static at Riverside Studios London

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Recorded live on February 24, 1979, and previously released that same year by Audio Arts, Dan Graham’s “Performer / Audience / Mirror” deconstructs the relationship between performer and audience by flanking the stage with a large mirror in back and delivering a monologue through four phases: (1) the artist facing the audience and describing himself and the attitudes his movements signify; (2) the artist facing the audience and describing their external behaviors; (3) the artist facing the mirror (back to the audience) and discussing his movements and their signification; and (4) the artist (still facing the mirror) describing the audience and their movements through a reverse perspective. With Glenn Branca on guitar, Barbara Ess on bass, and Christine Hahn on drums, The Static’s 41-minute live recording rips through “Inspirez Expirez” and “Don’t Let Me Stop You,” among others. Edition of 500. C80
Listen to it here: https://soundcloud.com/primaryinformation/sets/dan-graham-the-static-live-at/s-QQJby