Three Feet Behind Glass / Instant Classic

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The Slugfuckers started in the late 1970s in Sydney, Australia. Terry Blake (vocals), John Laidler (guitar) and Graham Forsyth (bass) were all students or recent graduates of the Department of General Philosophy at Sydney University. Craig Wilcox (keyboard), Gordon Renouf (guitar, sax), Austin Laverty (drumkit) joined soon after. All the tracks from their two singles from 1979 are here. Bridging the nascence of punk, DIY, and industrial, The Slugfuckers shouted vocals, played almost rudimentarily, set the volume on ten and, in equal parts, enthralled, engaged and repelled with their many obligatory messy interludes. Their raw, underproduced angry attack bores right into your brain. 180g vinyl, tip-on jackets, liner notes. Edition of 500.