Case Studies In Early Taxidermy Techniques

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The creator and main operator of legendary and eerie label Self Abuse Records, Patrick O’Neil founded Skin Crime in 1993-94 out of the morbid surrealism of mother project Hanged Man’s Orgasm. One of the earliest and most influential American noise institutions from the ’90s, Skin Crime is the missing link between European musique concrète, Japanese noise, and the gritty abstract electronics of what became the glory and gory days of American harsh noise — the largely undocumented moment when noise broke away from industrial to destroy further its electronic roots. No mere bedroom project, Skin Crime distinguished itself as a real dedicated live noise band with a rotating lineup surrounding their core as a three-piece; highly detailed, ascending compositions offset with their forceful and dynamic textures. Includes: Desecration (Self Abuse 1994); Prenatal (Self Abuse 1994); Eyestrain (Self Abuse 1995); Electroshock Treatment (Self Abuse 1995); Genital Modification (G.R.O.S.S. 1995); Urge (Bloodlust! 1996); Whorebutcher (Mother Savage 1996); Burn (Less Than Zero 1996); King Of The Death Match (Spite 1999); Audio Pathology (Armed And Loaded 1998); Tsunami (Alienation 2000); Parasite (Xerxes 2001); Skin Crime (Hospital Productions 2003); Trauma (Self Abuse 1996); Monster (Self Abuse 1997); previously unreleased studio and live recordings; early versions of Audio Pathology tracks; compilation and split tracks. Cloth-bound foil-stamped box with ribbon, including individual wallets, 40-page booklet and double-sided poster. Edition of 300.