(Coherent States - CS29) Cassette + 3-inch CDR $22.00

Five massive drone repetitions (plus the fourteen-minute “Mind Gate” on the disc) by Heath Moerland that momentarily become hints of rhythm, only to retreat into subdued and atmospheric tape manipulation. No linear flow would emanate more an essence of synthesis and less a sustained improvisation. In stenciled drawstring cloth bag with six color prints. Edition of 20. C22


Snake Code

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.404) CDR $8.00

Detroit’s demented noise chess-master lays his first cracked egg for Chocolate Monk and it is the out-and-out mind-melter you would hope for. Cracked electronics sit alongside blown out-tape damage. Electric insect skitter and life-affirming creep pulse also make appearances. A heavy-on-the-hiss classic that will scribble your mystic center. Strange zones await unexplored. Numbered edition of 75.


Surrounded By Gold And Dead

(Premier Sang - PS009) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Eleven slashes of musique concrète, process theory, modal jazz, drone, punk aesthetics and a free approach to music. Amazing sounds never before imagined. Emotion trapping holes of sound. A fine line between composition and improvisation. Randomness gathers and swirls into patterns of recognition. The division of shadows. Edition of 258. Check it out here: